My Cousin Vlad

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

I’m currently in my Audi, parked in a client’s driveway, they haven’t come home from picking up the kids from school yet, they’ll have to park on the street, it’s pouring outside. Oh yeah, I’m in Sydney.

How did you get into comedy?

I’m not sure, but I think comedy got into me. I am just documenting the life of an ‘Immaculagent’ and people are losing it. It’s not something I planned out, I’d rather be out there slapping SOLD stickers on signboards, but now I’ve been dragged out to do motivational talks in theatres. I’ll take it if it pays.

From March 25th you’re going to embark on the your ‘People Have Lost It Tour’ how did this show/tour come about?

In 2021, I went around Australia preaching strategies to people, and the tour was called ‘People Are Gonna Lose It’ – and just like 92% of the things I’ve predicted, it came true. So I had to follow that tour up with the subsequent ‘People Have Lost It’ to live out the prophecy.

Jesus even said ‘beware of false profits’, so I’m being vigilant.

What can we expect from this show?

 Lights, cameras, action! At least an hour of perspective about the state of modern society, old fashioned wog values VS Aussie tradition, relationships and marriage, having kids and trying my best to stay shredded. There might even be a live song in there, who knows?

How does this tour differ from your previous comedy shows?

It’s a sequel from last year’s debut tour, with a deeper dive into the catastropha of a year we’ve just endured. It will have a projector show, music and theatrics. It may even have some audience participation, again, who knows? More stories, more rants, more rabbit holes. More laughs.

Which comedians do you admire?

Most people in real estate are comedians, some of their property videos should win ‘Best Comedy’ at the next ARIA awards. Otherwise, out of real estate, I rate Carl Barron, Sebastian Maniscalco, Bill Burr, Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy.

Who do you like performing with and why?

Myself. No reason why, I’m a lone wolf in the forest. Out here to show people the path through the trees and hopefully lick a river at the end. I’ve recently jumped on stage with local legends Hughsey, Tahir, Luke Heggie, Aaron Chen, Andrew Barrett & Daniel Townes. They are all immaculate.

How is your show different to other comedians?

I’m wearing a suit, buffed shoes, tanned beyond belief, hair flickering. That’s already worlds away from the norm. But other than that, its a look into my upbringing, and how that’s shaped my view on society and all the topics covered.

What inspires your material?

Probably frustration and disbelief. The inability to understand why people do certain things, like face tatts. I just talk and ask questions to get a better understanding.

What do you like to do away from comedy?

I have two young kids, so I love cleaning, changing nappies, feeding, colouring in. If I get some time, i’ll play tennis, surf, go running in the forest and lick a river. Also, spending some time with my wife!

What else do you have planned for 2022?

To take this show around Australia & New Zealand. I was looking at Canada and UK, but I don’t see it this year. So I will focus on making people lose it here and continue to wrap, stitch & plug.

Favourite food and place to hangout in Melbourne?

When I was young and free, I loved going to Melbourne clubs, because Melbourne is the best city in Australia for culture and nightlife. But now I just want to run by the Yarra in the morning, eat mulch/berries, dis dat, then walk the city and eat wog food. Melbourne is rich with European culture and the restaurants are immaculate. If I’m really in the mood, I’ll call a cousin and get picked up in a 1987 Holden VL Calais and get taken to Thomastown for a Burek and Buttermilk.

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