Electrifying Inspiration Behind Vermantics New Single Unveiled

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Electrifying Inspiration Behind Vermantics New Single Unveiled

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single ‘Don’t Think Twice’? What themes or personal experiences influenced its creation?

Jack: I guess ‘Don’t Think Twice’ is about the rush you get when something is new and exciting, and you’re so caught up in it you don’t care about whether it’s actually good for you. The music came first and it just felt like that kind of story fit the song. I don’t think it’s about any one situation but I’m sure everyone has been there before.

Your collaboration with producers Tom Leach and Phil Threlfall brings a lot of industry expertise to your track. How did these collaborations come about, and what was it like working with them?

Stefan: Both of these collaborations came through the power of the internet. We met Phil five years ago when we were based in Melbourne and worked closely with him in tracking the parts for ‘Don’t Think Twice’. It’s always an exciting process!

We’ve recently met Tom in London, he has added a really exciting edge and spark to our music. It’s been great exploring the next chapter of the band with Tom!

Julian, you mentioned that ‘Don’t Think Twice’ leans into the big energy you have when playing live. How did you capture that live energy in the recording process?

Julian: All of us have grown up watching huge acts on big stages and festivals around Australia and I think we’ve all fallen in love with the energy that a live show brings. That’s become a big part of our performances – and more recently is something we’ve tried to add into our recording and writing process. So with ‘Don’t Think Twice’ you’re hearing those caveman drums and fat guitars!

The song delves into the complexities of pleasure and pain, passion and obsession. How did you approach these intense emotions in your songwriting and performance?

Stef: Like we were saying before, the music tends to come first when we write, so when it comes to writing the lyrics we’ll sit around and talk about the emotion or the vibe the song gives off and get ideas from that.

Jack: The music had this reckless intensity so it seemed right that the words would lean into that.

Stefan and Daniel, as brothers in the band, how does your sibling relationship influence your music and dynamic within Vermantics?

Dan: We’ve been playing together ever since we were little kids. It’s so natural to be in the same project together. It feels like we’re always bouncing off of each others ideas and influencing one another to come up with cool ideas for the project. We also grew up listening to the same music, so we feel our musical background helps contribute to the Vermantics sound.

Jack, your guitar work is a key part of Vermantics’ sound. Can you walk us through your approach to creating the riffs and solos for ‘Don’t Think Twice’?

Jack: The riff that kicks off the song was actually a thing Stef came up with. He was sitting at the drums and started humming this two note rhythmic thing and playing along. It had a great energy and was so simple, so as we were writing the rest of the song there was a conscious effort to keep the guitar parts as simple as possible. I think it gives the song a really cool hypnotic, rolling out of control feel.

You’ve recently opened for iconic Australian bands like The Superjesus and British India. How have these experiences shaped your growth and performance as a band?

Julian: Playing alongside bands with 20+ years performing together is always a good learning experience, seeing how they engage with the audience and each other on stage is something we take note of. There’s sometimes some handy advice about the industry, and we get to hear some pretty sick Rock N’ Roll stories!

With plans to make moves in the UK and European music scene later this year, what are you most excited about regarding this international expansion?

Stef: We’re super excited to branch out to the other side of the world and share our music with lots of new people. It’s been a big goal of ours since we started the band!

Dan: There’s so much music history in the UK and Europe, we’re really keen to tap into that.

Jack: I’m just excited for the fish and chips…

Your music has been described as having expansive melodies and a high-energy presence. How do you balance these elements to create your signature sound?

Dan: We don’t really think about it that much when we’re writing, but usually the songs we like the most or think are the strongest have the best balance between melodic and high energy.

Julian: I think the high energy part comes naturally to us because of the music we all listened to growing up. Stef and Dan came up in the pop punk scene and we all grew up listening to drummers like Bonzo (Led Zeppelin) and Dave Grohl so the rhythmic side of the songs is always gonna be big!

How has Vermantics evolved since your formation in 2021, both musically and as a group?

Jack: Our journey as writers has probably been about finding that balance between light and shade. The perfect mix of heavy and soft, loud and quiet, sad and hopeful. To me that’s become a signature part of our sound. There’s always a twist in there, a moment where you see the other side. As a group we’re very close, we know each other’s strengths and I think you get to see a part of each of our personalities come through in the music.

What challenges have you faced while producing and promoting your music during the pandemic, and how have you overcome them?

Stef: We started during the pandemic so it was frustrating for us as a new band, just like it was for everyone else.

Jack: The silver lining was that it gave us time to write and craft our sound and our image. There was a lot of stop/start going in and out of lockdowns but it definitely gave us time to assess what we were and what we wanted to be. Maybe without that downtime we wouldn’t have developed into the band we are now.

Looking forward, what can fans expect from Vermantics in the coming months, beyond the release of ‘Don’t Think Twice’? Are there any upcoming projects or tours you’re particularly excited about?

Stef: We’ve got so much music that we want to share with everyone and the plan is to release new material regularly for the rest of the year. We’re always excited to play live too, so keep an eye out for some shows in the back half of the year!


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