Spinning Around: Phoenix Rein’s Journey of Love and Music

by the partae
Phoenix Rein Debut Single "Spinning Around" Out June 28th

Congratulations on your debut single “Spinning Around,” set to release on June 28th! How are you feeling as the release date approaches?

I feel like it’s a dream and sometimes I have to pinch myself, I feel both nervous, and excited along with a bunch of other feelings….

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind “Spinning Around” and what the song means to you personally?

The Inspiration is Love. Love of music. The love of being in love. The love of whatever makes us happy. For me, Spinning Around is a new beginning, freedom, laughter, joy, happiness, following our dreams and making them happen. 

Spinning Around started out as a beautiful concept about falling in love and falling in love with the music because music is the drum of romance.

What was the creative process like for “Spinning Around”? How did you come up with the lyrics and melody?

Well there was sort of a humming thing that happened in the studio, then The MD J Laws started playing around on the keys and I was like, “yeah that one”. The sounds on the keyboard reminded me of a time with my boo.

 The team Dank and Cybin felt the energy, then it started growing from there. It blossomed as a song about my love for DJ’s and falling in love while the music was playing and poof we had it. We re worked it a couple of times then we kind of nailed it. 

“Spinning Around” is a vibrant fusion of Disco Pop. What drew you to this genre for your debut single?

We felt the love of modern music in terms of popular music, is the new disco. So, I asked for some elements of disco because I really love the Bee Gees and Cher; big fan of both so I really wanted to fuse the two

How did your collaboration with the renowned producers Dank and Cybin come about, and what was it like working with them on this track?

Well it started off when I was introduced by a friend of ours and it was like Magic the Synergy was out of this world. 

When I met DJ Cybin, we immediately hit it off. I played him some music and he said “hey, you have a unique tone I’ve been searching for a tone like that for years” and he said he would get back to me. 

I honestly didn’t hear much back until 2 months later. Then we started working, and the whole crew has been amazing! 

It’s a vibe shout out to Dj Dank aka Riley for always pushing me as a singer.

You have a rich background in jazz, blues, and soul. How did these influences shape the sound and vibe of “Spinning Around”?

I really do. I honestly would listen to James Brown, Rick James and Nina Simone religiously and just go nuts and really have an amazing time hitting each of there wild and obscure cadences and belts. 

They all shaped this record for sure. Rest in peace to those greats. I’m eternally grateful . 

Can you describe the emotion and energy you aimed to capture in “Spinning Around”? How do you want listeners to feel when they hear it?

Well there really is two meanings to the song, with one emotion in common; love. I really wanted the listeners to re-fall in love with music and remember that falling in love with a person is similar to falling in love with a song.

 “Spinning Around” brings that enchanting feeling that really connects your ears and your heart. It’s similar to your lovers voice, you hear it and it touches your heart.

Growing up in Jamaica in a family of musicians, how has your upbringing influenced your music and your approach to creating “Spinning Around”? 

Spinning around really took me back to my roots of heavy bass and really hard hitting drums, it made me remember being in studio with Sly and Robbie. 

And then the beat brought me further back, I remembered, when I was a little kid, my Mom and my Aunt were always singing in the house. Even my Grandmother; I would wake up to the sounds of her singing. They would have the radio playing all the time and music of all genres would be booming from the living room. When I was hyper and running around dancing and singing, my momma always use to say I’m spinning like a top.

So when the words Spinning around hit me, and the melody exploded, we were saying yes this is it.

You’ve received numerous accolades for your performances and songwriting. How do these achievements impact your confidence and expectations for your debut single?

In my past, despite my achievements and performances, I was on a restricted path. Back then, I think no other producers were able to pull out my true talent and work with me like J and Riley. So, I was in a sense, still a blank canvas. Working with Dank & Cybin in studio really pulled out my studio performance and turned it up times 10.  

Also, this time I really got a chance to work with the true business side of things. I’m being taught the business from the inside out. Back then, I was lacking the experience, this time I’ve unleashed my true inner beast.

Really it’s nice to receive your flowers when you’re here, it lets you feel special and sort of gives you that confidence boost that reminds you of your special talents. I really write my heart out, now there’s the difference so I know that this single will touch the hearts and ears of many listeners for decades to come, and I can’t wait to perform it live for fans.

How does the experience of recording and releasing “Spinning Around” compare to performing live at prestigious events and festivals?

There’s this feeling that comes over me when I hear “Spinning Around” and when I was recording it, that’s the same feeling that bubbled out on the record. It’s Euphoric and contagious, it makes me smile every time. That’s the same as the experience of performing at live events; I want the audience to feel good, to have fun and to tap into the euphoria. 

With “Spinning Around” being your debut single, what message or impression do you hope to leave on new listeners and your existing fan base?

I hope for my fans and listeners to really take the song with them where ever they go and just have a good time. I want it to be the kind of happy song you hear and just allow it to set the mood for your day. I want the song to remind you of how sweet the love of music is and bring the listener back to a moment of remembering a time they fell in love with either a song or person and for some people even a pet or item.

What can fans expect from you next? Do you have any upcoming projects or releases planned following “Spinning Around”?

Yes!!! absolutely. Fans can expect to hear the sequel to spinning around called “Married by the Rhythm”

I will be releasing new music every month so fans and listeners can expect a new joint to drop often. My hope is that as I grow as an artist, my fans and listeners grow along with me. I also hope that they have good personal growth and prosperity within there lives.










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