Christine Tarquinio: The Inspiration Behind “New Year’s Day”

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Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single, “New Year’s Day”?

This song is all about that feeling, the buzz of excitement around New Year’s Day. The genuine feeling we get that a new year is coming and anything is possible. We all get a chance to start again and reach for new heights. 

Then as the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months. We have to acknowledge that nothing has actually changed, and you are still the same and doing all the same things. I wrote this song at the beginning of this year feeling like this but now we are almost halfway through the year I have found my experience is the opposite. 

How did working with Daniel Nieberg influence the final sound of “New Year’s Day”?

Daniel is amazing at producing music and he interprets my lyrics and music with such care and attention to detail. He is also very collaborative and always is open to suggestions on any other elements that could change the flow of the final track. He seeks out details of what songs inspire me, and he uses that framework to compose a beautiful soundscape that I can then record vocals onto.

What themes and messages do you hope listeners take away from “New Year’s Day”?

I really hope that this song resonates with a wide audience as everyone experiences New Year’s Day in their own way, however that feeling of new beginnings is universal. Everyone has hopes and dreams for their future but often life has a way of surprising you, sometimes for the better, but not always. I see this song as an anthem of renewal and opportunity to try again.

How have your personal experiences as a mother influenced the songwriting process for this track?

Absolutely, everyday life is an opportunity to write a song. New Year’s Day is such a special time for my family, so it magnified my feelings of hope and wanting new and exciting things to happen in a brand-new year. My children take such an interest in my music, and they really enjoyed seeing the process of how this song and many others were created. I really relish the opportunity to impart on them what I know about creating music in the hope that one day they may do the same.

You mentioned feeling like nothing had changed at the beginning of the year. How did that sentiment evolve over the months?

I have found that my sentiment for how things would turn out this year has completely changed. There have been a few things that have happened that I didn’t see coming and never expected but as life changing as they were, they strengthened my resolve to pursue my dreams and it always leads me back to my music.

How do you balance your roles as a musician, singing teacher, and dedicated mother?

I must do this with great consideration. I have made a point of setting boundaries and being realistic about what I can take on as a singing teacher and musician. I have been fortunate enough to always seem to get the balance right and sometimes that means saying I must either say I can’t do that specific thing right now as I have to prioritise my family. It seems to work out in the end, so I am very grateful for that.

In what ways do your children inspire your music and your creative process?

I am really delighted that my children have been exposed to music from a very young age and now that they are older, they are now taking more of an interest in playing instruments and writing lyrics and making up songs of their own. I feel so proud of them, I see the result of them being inspired by me, it spurs me on to keep creating my music.

What challenges have you faced in maintaining your music career while raising a family?

There have been many times I have taken a break from music due to family commitments or just general family life. It usually isn’t for very long and it is always necessary to put family first. It has never been a case of me having to choose one over the other. I know my music will always bet here when I am ready to start working on it again. Family is my priority, and it is important to take pause and be present in family life when it matters most.

Can you describe the significance of hope and resilience in your music, particularly in “New Year’s Day”?

The entire premise of this song is about the attempt we make to reach certain goals, we even make resolutions to do or stop doing certain things, we put pressure on ourselves to seek out a different type of life and we feel disappointed if we don’t achieve our goals. This song is all about second chances. The lyric ‘Let’s start again on New Year’s Day’ is all about when some things don’t go to plan, we have a chance to try again next year. I try to view the world with a glass half full attitude, and I am always striving to be positive and see the good things that the future will hold for all of us.

How do you incorporate your everyday experiences and emotions into your songwriting?

I feel I have experienced a lot of life so far in my journey and I have a lot to offer in my way of storytelling. Being a mum, a wife, a sister and daughter is a common thread I can draw upon and connect to an audience with. My everyday life and my stories are all I know, and I use that to weave into my music and lyrics to share a little bit of insight into how I see and navigate my world around me.

What has been the most profound event in your life recently, and how has it impacted your music?

I have recently left a job (not musically related) that I have been doing for 26 years and it had a profound impact on me. It was something I never ever thought would happen and it completely surprised me. It occurred around the time I released New Year’s Day, and as it turned out I ended up feeling a deeper connection to the message of this song. It has only given me more time and freedom to create more music so something that initially was really challenging to go through has given me a new perspective and gratitude for what I have and the desire to keep creating my music.

Looking forward to 2024 and beyond, what are your goals and aspirations for your music career?

I see myself continuing to write songs and collaborate with amazing artists, musicians, producers, filmmakers to share my music with the world. The world is such a smaller place now with the connectivity we have online, and the reach is so much further than it ever used to be. I am excited to see just how far my music can reach and where it will take me into this year and the next decade.

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