Anthony Locascio explores relationship with his Greek & Italian heritage through stories, sounds & songs

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Comedian ANTHONY LOCASCIO breaks free from the tropes of ‘wog comedy’, exploring his relationship with his Greek & Italian heritage through stories, sounds & songs.

Performing across Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Perth Comedy Festival & Sydney Comedy Festival!


Growing up in Australia, Anthony Locascio found himself confined to a prison of ethinic & cultural stereotypes. ‘Don’t Call Me A Wog!’ (An E̶t̶h̶n̶i̶c̶ Comedy Story) is his story of escape, his convoluted encounters with the Greek & Italian heritage that so greatly affected him, and his conflicting relationship with traditional ‘wog comedy’. “Relatably, unrelatable” is Anthony’s motto – spotlighting the unique experiences that affect anyone, from the multitude of cultural backgrounds within Australia.

An emotional rollercoaster, Anthony showcases the broad range of passion & sentiment experienced by Mediterranean-Australians; from deep shame to immense pride. Be warned; ‘Don’t Call Me A Wog!’ is not just an “ethinic” comedy!

Beginning at Adelaide Fringe Festival in March, Anthony Locascio will be performing six shows, before heading back down the Western Highway to complete a run of ten shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, appearing April 10th to April 24th. Wrapping up his inaugural run of shows, Anthony will perform at Perth Comedy Festival Sydney Comedy Festival throughout May. A show for all Australians, regardless of heritage or background, ‘Don’t Call Me A Wog!’ pushes Anthony’s performances further than ever before, incorporating audio-visual, music & lighting components to create an intelligent, dark & vulnerable cultural production

“My relationship with my Greek/Italian background has been a 29 year, on again, off again love story. Growing up in a country as ethnically charged as Australia, I have, at various points in my life, felt both immense pride and shame for the cultures of my grandparents. This show is the story of that emotional roller coaster; my relationship with my background throughout my childhood and adolescence has been mirrored by my use of it for comedy material.”
Anthony Locascio

“I never wanted to deal in stereotypes; that kind of humour dismisses the fact that a person’s relationship with their ethnicity is always deeply personal and unique. We don’t all live the same lives because our grandparents were born on the same rock in the Mediterranean.”
Anthony Locascio

Anthony Locascio is one of Australian comedy’s rising stars. Blending sharp wit with musings on his ethnic background, Anthony has become known for his unique storytelling style. He is a two time NSW Raw Comedy State Finalist (2018/2019), and has had two SOLD OUT runs at the Sydney Comedy Festival, as well as a SOLD OUT run at the Perth Comedy Festival in 2021. Anthony was also selected to perform at the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala 2021 at the Enmore Theatre.

Anthony forged his path in stand-up by writing an hour show after a year of performing, hiring a theatre and inviting 400 friends and acquaintances to watch. The show was posted to social media, giving Anthony a loyal fanbase, selling out shows each year since 2017 and boosting Anthony’s Youtube channel to 12,000+ subscribers, and 1,000,000+ views, with hundreds of comments from angry people in Italy and Greece responding to a video in which Anthony calls them lazy.

He appears weekly at Sydney’s best comedy venues, and has performed with some of the best comedians Australia has to offer; including Dave Hughes, Nikki Britton, Tahir, Anthony Salame, Luke Heggie and many more!

“‘Don’t Call Me A Wog!’ is a show for everyone, and a perspective on ethnicity in Australia that hasn’t been heard before, certainly not in a stand-up comedy format. This is also the first time I’m doing an Australian tour, so I hope plenty of people come out to see it!” Anthony Locascio

“This is also the first time I’ve incorporated AV, music, and lighting components in a show. My shows have previously been straight stand-up, usually with some darker, extremely vulnerable elements. I want THIS show, to be fun. Because finding my cultural equilibrium, as both a person and a comedian, has been fun!” Anthony Locascio


“Extremely impressive”
Jorge Menidis, Sydney & Perth Comedy Festival Artistic Director

“Anthony Locascio is one of Australia’s brightest young comedy stars. The new generation of funny. I am glad I got to work with him when I did because soon enough, he will be headlining his own big shows.”
Joe Avati, Comedian

“Witnessing Anthony Locascio’s evolution from trying to do stand-up comedy, to being a stand-up comedian, has been one of the most exciting and at times emotional rides of any act we host. This is a whole package situation; Intelligent (sometimes too much so), conflicting cultural backgrounds to draw from, unshakable drive, and of course he’s actually funny.”
Magic Mic Comedy Sydney

“I’ve seen Anthony perform in venues all across Sydney and NSW, and he has reliably proven that he is absolutely one of the best fresh talents rising through the ranks. Not only is he very funny, Anthony is also a hard worker and excellent marketer, meaning he can be relied on to fill rooms with new audiences”
Hugh Inglis, Sydney Comedy Store

“One of Australia’s best new comics.”
Anthony Salame, Comedian

“Inserting himself into an audience of strangers with confidence and loud laughter triggers,
one of Anthony Locascio’s many funny themes is pettily not taking praise very well. Especially people saying afterwards “Great Show”. Unfortunately, hearing that phrase is something he’s just going to have to get used to.”
Chuck Moore Reviews About
(Review from Last Hour Show ‘Confirmation)



Monday, March 14th – Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres – Adelaide
Tuesday, March 15th – Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres – Adelaide
Wednesday, March 16th – Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres – Adelaide
Thursday, March 17th – Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres – Adelaide
Friday, March 18th – Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres – Adelaide
Saturday, March 19th – Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres – Adelaide

Sunday, April 10th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Tuesday, April 12th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Wednesday, April 13th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Thursday, April 14th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Saturday, April 16th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Sunday, April 17th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Tuesday, April 19th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Wednesday, April 20th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Thursday, April 21st – Club Voltaire – Melbourne
Sunday, April 24th – Club Voltaire – Melbourne

Friday, May 6th – Regal Theatre Chorus Room – Perth
Saturday, May 7th – Regal Theatre Chorus Room – Perth

Friday, May 13th – Factory Theatre Main Room – Sydney

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