The Sydney-Based Cafes And Businesses Committed To Zero Food Waste And Plastic Reduction

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Over the past years, there has been increased awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability and green practices aimed at protecting the planet. Environmentally conscious consumers are looking for effective ways to reduce the harmful impact of fashion, food consumption, transport, energy and other key areas of everyday life. According to the results of a survey shared on Forbes, about 88% of consumers will be more loyal to brands or businesses that support social and environmental issues. Yet, only 60% of businesses have a sustainability agenda. 

Several Sydney-based restaurants and cafes are taking important steps towards building sustainable businesses and supporting environmental projects. Either by eliminating single-use plastics or critically reducing food waste, the following businesses are making a positive difference. 

Sydney-based cafes and restaurants saying yes to zero waste and plastic reduction 

Sydney’s Cat & Cow Cafe recycles almost everything, from food waste to coffee grounds to soiled napkins. All of that is placed in organic bins that are picked up by waste recyclers. The cafe is also committed to avoiding single-use materials by encouraging customers to opt for the reusable KeepCups and charging extra for bio-compostable, single-use cups. 

Cafe and cooking school Cornersmith is also committed to sustainable food choices and business practices. While the family-run business emphasised the preservation of seasonal and local cooking skills, they have recently shifted their focus to finding ways to reuse food that would normally go straight to the rubbish bin.

Pitpit, a fine dining restaurant in Northern Rivers, seeks to minimise the use of plastics. The restaurant has eliminated cling film and single-use clothes and favours sturdy, reusable containers and bio-degradable bags. In addition, Pitpit purchases products directly from local producers and serves sustainable seafood. 

Other Aussie businesses embracing sustainability

It isn’t just restaurants and bars working on building environmentally friendly and sustainable businesses. Returnr, from the creators of KeepCup, offers consumers the possibility of receiving their food in reusable takeaway containers and bottles. It works by paying a small deposit of $6. Once the package or bottle is used, the customer rinses it and returns it to the nearest Returnr outlet and gets their deposit back. The company is also partnering with European, American and other international businesses to help them build their own reuse system. 

Located in Surry Hills, The Sustainable Salon is a greener alternative in the hair industry, which is known for its large carbon footprint. Not only do traditional hair salons consume large amounts of water and energy, but they also produce a significant amount of plastic bottles, colour tubes, cotton wool, tissues and more. The Sustainable Salon seeks to make a difference by recycling and supporting waste management solutions, minimising waste, and using renewable energy and LED lighting. 

Hospitality venues like Crown Resorts, with locations in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, have implemented sustainability programs too. Crown has collected millions of plastic bottle tops and has donated more than two tonnes of soap bars to non-profit organisations. 

Similar to the hair industry, the hospitality sector has a great impact on the environment as it produces 289,700 of waste annually. This is because not only do these venues host dozens of guests per night, but also offer entertaining experiences such as 24/7 casinos. In recent years, real money casinos online, listed on sites such as Top Australia Gambling, have emerged as more convenient and accessible alternatives than brick-and-mortar venues. Compared to land-based casinos, these digital platforms tend to have lower emission levels. 

To conclude, more and more Sydney-based businesses and service providers are opting for environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Such initiatives are aimed at helping the planet and have the potential to inspire other brands and companies to follow similar examples. 

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