Angus Legg’s 5 Spaceship Albums

by the partae

In celebration of his stunning new track ‘Spaceship’, we had Angus pick out 5 albums he’d want with him if he were stuck out in space on his own spaceship, if these 5 were the only music he had to listen to.

Ryan Beatty – Calico

I’ve only recently discovered this album, mostly I love how it makes me feel, especially when I want to sit in a sad feeling. I don’t necessarily know what the lyrics mean, however I don’t really care, I kind of like that I don’t know what they mean, I can make up my own meaning. The sonic realm Ryan creates is very special and cohesive, a great album to listen from start to finish.

Medium Build – Health (EP)

This EP has some of the most beautiful songs including ‘Gimme Back My Soul’ which is one of my favourite songs of all time. Going through a breakup from a relationship in which I felt my soul wasn’t embraced, this is exactly how it feels, reclaiming my soul, rediscovering myself, and I’m grateful for the part ‘Medium Build’s’ music has played in that process.

JP Saxe – Dangerous Levels of Introspection

Nobody can tell a story with greater precision than JP Saxe (in my humble opinion). There are so many tracks on this album that depict heartbreak the exact way I’ve been feeling it. A lot of what I do as an artist is influenced by JP Saxe, and I think this is his best body of work, amazing listen.

Alex Legg – The Best Laid Plans of Chocolate Mice 

This is an album my father released before he passed, it’s on Spotify still and has a couple of tracks on it dedicated to me. ‘May All Your Friends Be Artists’ & ‘The Best Laid Plans of Chocolate Mice’ are two I listen to when I feel like I want to cry. Further, Alex is one of my biggest influences as a songwriter, firstly, genetically, and his storytelling was fascinating. This one I don’t delve into as much these days, but it’s incredibly special that I have an insight to my father’s mind beyond his death.

Martin Luke Brown – Damn, Look At That View 

I love this album, firstly for its songwriting, but mainly for its production. Sonically it sits in such a unique realm even though it is essentially a singer-songwriter/acoustic album, it doesn’t sound like there’s much creating the atmosphere however it feels BIG. His use of the rubber bridge guitar sonic is also incredibly interesting and something I’m attempting to put my own spin on for upcoming records.

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