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Congratulations on the upcoming release of “all the same”! Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the song and what listeners can expect from it?

Thank you! This song definitely came from a place of frustration for me – I think I got into the studio and just started venting and then all of a sudden had some lyrics stuck in my head. I was bored of these fast trends coming in and out and this copy and paste lifestyle that I was seeing everywhere. So it is a bit of a more serious topic for me, but still very self-aware and silly and light hearted I think.

Your music has been described as self-aware, lush, and gutsy. How do these qualities manifest in “all the same, ” and how does it contribute to your unique voice in the music scene?

I think my music is self-aware and gutsy in the sense that it addresses the fact that its being a judgmental and one sided and comes from a subjective bias – so to counteract that selfishness it plays with genre a little bit, in this case it leans on disco elements to keep the song lighthearted and silly and take away from the seriousness of what is being said – because day to day I don’t really care that much, but at the time of writing the song I did. 

The single touches on themes like boredom with fast trends and herd mentality. What motivated you to explore these topics, and how do you hope listeners will connect with the message?

Honestly it just came up in the studio – I remember it being on my mind at the time of writing but it wasn’t a conscious decision to write a song about it. I think I was just craving change in my personal life and projected that a little too, which I think lots of people can relate to – when things start to feel a bit mundane or stale and you’re craving something new.

“All the same” is labeled as a classic disco bop. How did you approach blending the classic disco sound with contemporary elements, and what can fans anticipate in terms of the musical style?

I love to incorporate disco elements in my music – but I usually start with the basic more acoustic elements and then garnish with some disco strings, funky bass lines and fun percussion. It just makes it so much more fun and in this case I think strikes the balance of being authentic to me whilst keeping the song lighthearted which felt imperative to it. 

Your previous singles have garnered attention from other artists, and international airwaves. How has this early recognition influenced your approach to creating and releasing music?

It’s been great to know that others appreciate the music I’m making but it doesn’t really influence my approach to creating and releasing music. I’ve tried really hard to focus on doing things my way and to just keep travelling at my own pace and to stay true to what I like and why I’m making the music in the first place. So it’s been so awesome to see – but I try to keep it in my blind spots when actually making music. 

With a rapidly growing fanbase, how do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and meeting the expectations of your audience?

Similar to the previous question, I try hard to not focus too much on what the audience wants. It’s so amazing to know other people enjoy my music but I think a reason for that is because I’m making music that I feels very genuine and true and that’s what actually allows people to relate to it. It’s a lot easier said than done though – I definitely get caught up in trying to people please and have had to pull myself out of the overwhelming anxiety that comes with worrying about other’s opinions. 

The single is set to be released on December 14, 2023. Can you take us through the creative process behind “all the same, ” from the initial concept to the final recording?

Yeah so originally Matt Sampson (who produced the track) showed me the riff from the chorus and pretty quickly I came up with the melody and lyrics. Then I think we had one session where we co-produced the rest of the track and wrote the rest of the verses and then spent another session tracking vocals. It came together pretty quickly – which is always a good sign in my opinion. 

As an artist, you’ve been featured on multiple curated playlists. How do you curate your own playlists, and what role does music discovery play in your creative process?

I love curating playlists – I actually find it super challenging but that’s why I think I like it. Trying to find songs that fit together can be such a fun puzzle and at the end of the day is super subjective so whatever I feel works, works. But it really gets me thinking about and dissect music in different ways which I can then take into the studio and experiment with later. So it plays a massive part in my creative process.

Having had airtime on both local and international airwaves, what has been the most surprising or memorable moment in your musical journey so far?

The first time I heard my song on the radio ever will always be such a special moment for me – I cried! Music was something that Ive always loved and wanted to keep doing in my life since I was little so it was just very overwhelming and felt very grateful to be able to work with and be supported by those that helped make it happen. 

You’re gearing up for multiple single releases leading to an album in April 2024. How do these singles contribute to the overall narrative or theme of the upcoming album, and what can fans expect from the album as a whole?

Yeah! The next few singles are all quite similar in style to All The Same but comment on very different things that tie back into the narrative of the album which centres around finding my voice and learning to take up space. The album definitely plays with genre and tone, there’s bangers and there’s ballads so there’ll be something for everyone. 

Your music spans from heartfelt ballads to pure disco-pop bops. How do you approach balancing different musical styles, and do you have a favorite type of song to create?

It’s quite hard balancing different styles, but I think once you work out how they complement one another and how to have both still sound like you it becomes easier. I think for me the disco upbeat anthems are my favourite because they leave you feeling so joyous and happy and that feels really special.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the coming year, both in terms of your music career and personal growth as an artist?

This album is my main priority so that’s a big one, but I’d also love to gig some more in the next year. I really miss playing with other musicians and sharing the stage with friends – it’s such a special feeling.

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