The Botany View Hotel now Sydney’s ‘go to’ for karaoke

by the partae

If you needed proof that Aussies are getting back out for dinner, drinks and parties, you only have to turn up to Sydney’s iconic Botany View Hotel on King Street in Newtown on Monday nights.

According to Luke Reimann, licensee of the Botany View Hotel, the popularity of karaoke is going through the roof. While bookings for parties, work gatherings and end of year functions are coming in left right and centre, a lot of people are enquiring about karaoke.

“We do karaoke on Monday nights at the hotel, trivia on Tuesday, mixed bag of shows on Wednesday, jazz on Thursdays, barbecues and bands on Fridays and New Orleans jazz on Sundays,” Reimann said.

“Mondays are proving super special because people are obviously fed up singing in the shower and want to get out and test their singing skills at our karaoke. Monday nights are pumping.”

Reimann said that the old karaoke classics are still strong favourites with Aussies.

“Even though we have been decimated by COVID for the last few years, Aussies have come out of lockdown still fixated on some of the old favourites, David Bowie Let’s Dance, The Clash Rock the Casbah, Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds and TLC Waterfalls, just to mention a few,” Reimann said.

“In fact, if anything, retro is more popular than ever. Regardless of age, young and old are choosing to sing the old 80s classics. People like that era, it signifies good times and people are wanting boppy simple fun tunes they can sing to.”

“There is something about karaoke, it draws everyone in. You wouldn’t get up on stage and grab a microphone and sing to a large audience anywhere else, but in a comfortable and cosy pub environment amongst friends, a few drinks and a great karaoke song list, people lose their inhibitions and embrace the freedom of karaoke and they pump out a few tunes.”

“I think people are sick of singing in the shower. They want to get out and have some fun. Karaoke gives the ability to have fun in a safe environment. It is a great leveller.”

Since opening back up fully post COVID, the Botany View Hotel has been showcasing some of Australia’s best local musicians. It has become a leading location for live music, good food, the city’s biggest range of curated cocktails and craft beers, parties and events, and other fun-filled activities.

 The great thing about karaoke is that it is not only good fun, it is also a great bonding  activity too.  Everyone gets a turn or a few turns and when you have had enough you can listen to everyone else, hit the bar or get some food. And if you feel like real music, you can come in when we have live music happening during the week and on weekends.”

“Music definitely lifts the mood and it is great to see so many people getting back into music whether it is karaoke or listening to a live band.  It is about time.”

About Botany View Hotel

With a long history to its name, the Botany View Hotel is located along King Street in Newton, Sydney. Now under a new licensee and renovated during COVID, the Botany View Hotel is a thriving destination with plenty to offer. The hotel’s event calendar is jam packed with an eclectic line up of emerging and established Australian musicians and patrons can enjoy a meal, jazz night, trivia night or host a party at one of the function rooms or in the  newly upgraded roof top garden.

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