Wolf & Chain Showcase A Newfound Pop Sensibility In Blood Pumping Single ‘Phantom’

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‘Phantom’ – First Play on Triple J Unearthed TOPS

‘Phantom’ added to Apple Music’s New Music Daily and The Riff

‘Phantom’ played on Channel 7’s Friday Night Fooy (Friday August 4)

‘Taste of Blood’ Video Of the Week on Rolling Stone AU / Tone Deaf

‘Taste of Blood’ and ‘An Honest Mistake’ added to official Apple Music playlist ‘The New Rock’

“When you love rock operas but are midway through a True Blood binge watch. Wolf & Chain hoist the drama up high with this epic and theatrical punky burner.
4 / 5 stars – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

“Hell yeah! I can really hear you give it your all in this one. Big MCR sounds for sure.”
4 / 5 – Claire Mooney, Triple J

An upcoming Aussie act who will straight up fuel all your emo desires.”
Wall of Sound


Wolf & Chain, the Adelaide-based alt rock outfit known for their unique brand of dark, aggressive pop and chaotic anthems, return with a goosebump-inducing single, ‘Phantom’ (Out August 4).

Following the success of their EPs ‘An Honest Mistake’ and ‘Amor Mortal’, Wolf & Chain are back with a refined mindset and a freshly sharpened sound. ‘Phantom’ marks a new era for the band, showcasing their growth by weaving in a matured and accessible sound that delves into unexplored territories within their musical repertoire.

Drawing inspiration from a transformative experience, ‘Phantom’ was born out of the band’s time at a secluded farm, where they retreated to record demos and immerse themselves in the creative process. During their stay, the band members fell ill and encountered a dark, looming presence that influenced their songwriting. The result is a haunting and powerful track that documents their journey of self-discovery, defying the challenges they have each faced.

Stepping into this new chapter, Wolf & Chain’s commitment to experimentation is evident throughout this blood pumping single. The song’s intricate layers and arrangements have the band blending their alt rock characteristics with a fresh pop sensibility.

Each element serves a purpose, from the pulsating palm-muted guitars that punctuate the verses with the thumping bass kick and electronic snare that drive the rhythm forward. The chorus unleashes a wall of guitars, perfectly complementing the cathartic vocal delivery of lead singer Jack Cumes. The bridge erupts in a signature Wolf & Chain style before they pull the cord to a steadfast palm-muted guitar and kick drum. With a massive full-band crescendo, the band see the song out with a vindicating final chorus.

Collaborating with Josh Meyer of Those Who Dream played a significant role in the creation of ‘Phantom’, offering the band a fresh perspective and pushing their boundaries. The track represents a pivotal moment for Wolf & Chain as they emerge from the shadows and embrace this new direction.

Since their inception in 2020, Wolf & Chain have been building a dedicated following, gaining recognition from renowned music publications and radio stations, including Rolling Stone AU, Don’t Bore Us, Wall Of Sound, Triple J, Triple J Unearthed and much more. They have toured extensively and have shared stages with notable acts such as Black Veil Brides, Creeper, and Between You & Me.

Relish in Wolf & Chain’s newfound pop sensibility with‘Phantom’ on all major streaming platforms (Friday, August 4).


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