RIBS – Unleash Their Claws In A Healing Indie-Pop Anthem

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Previous Support for Ribs
“Simmers to a perfect heat without ever boiling over”
4 / 5 (Stacy Gougoulis, Triple J) [about ‘felt sad, might delete later’]
“Ribs is it? Funny, cos I felt this one up my spine”
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed) [about ‘felt sad, might delete later’]
“Something tells me that a lot of folks will find comfort in this song’s journey from soothing lullaby to cathartic release”
4 / 5 (Abby Butler, Triple J) [about ‘felt sad, might delete later’]
“There was something about her storytelling that always touched me. The honestly and vulnerability feels like a friend telling me about their day.” (The AU Review) [about ‘Bad Coffee’]

Ribs, the Boorloo-based (Perth, AUS) indie-pop band known for creating honest and expressive music, has released ‘Claws’ (Friday, August 4). With a passion for connecting with others on topics that are often challenging to discuss, such as mental health, social power constructs, and healing from trauma, Ribs delivers a clashing and cathartic anthem that explores the journey of healing from intimate partner violence.

Originally conceived as a solo, stripped-back lyrical piano project by Georgina CramondRibs received critical acclaim and emotional responses from audiences in her one-woman music and storytelling show, ‘Interrupting a Crisis’.

Driven by a desire for collaboration and connection with other artists, Cramond found like-minded creatives to join the project, resulting in the dynamic four-piece band that exists today, with each member contributing to Ribs’ authentic songwriting, supported by vibrant, immersive sounds.

Now, ‘Claws’ is Ribs’ heaviest release to date, both in terms of content and sound. The song serves as a powerful anthem for those who have endured abuse and have embarked on a journey of healing from intimate partner violence. Drawing from her own lived experience, Georgina Cramond’s poignant songwriting delves into the pain, anger, and growth that are intertwined with this transformative process.

shares, “Growing claws is about learning what you will no longer accept, how anger can be a protective and productive force, and regaining control over the jagged parts of your history.” Her guarded vocals in the verses are contrasted by a commanding, hardened chorus, where she screams out, “I grew claws”, to reclaim her own power and control in her life.

The song’s composition perfectly complements its emotional depth, with gritty guitars riffing away alongside steady acoustic guitars and floaty keys. The upbeat drums and full-bodied bass lines drive the song forward while haunting electric guitar pick slides and dissonant bends toy with the mind. In a sonic interplay, the indie-pop instrumentation bursts with a bright, joyful light, creating a compelling contrast that echoes the complexities of healing and empowerment.

‘Claws’ marks a massive milestone in the band’s growth which has had steady momentum over recent years, evident in their performances supporting esteemed WA music heavyweights like Timothy NelsonJack Davies and The Bush Chooks, Axel Carrington and more. Their captivating performances at the acclaimed Nannup Festival and other shows have further solidified their position as an emerging force in the indie-pop scene.

Ribs’ music has seen support from the likes of The AU ReviewTriple J and has been featured in notable events like RTRfm’s Radiothon and Slightly Odway. In 2018, Cramond received the Best Newcomer award at PAWA (Performing Arts Western Australia), further solidifying her status as a talented and influential artist.

Unleash the claws with Ribs (Friday, August 4), with this empowering new single.

If the themes in this causes any distress and you need assistance, please get in touch with:
1800 Respect – 1800 737 732
Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636
Lifeline -13 11 14
Headspace – 1800 650 890
Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800

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