PACES – Silver Lining

by the partae

PACES (Mikey Perry) continues a bold transition with this latest single, Silver Lining. A departure from his previous tropical electronica sound. With “Silver Lining,” Perry has embraced a more personal and intimate style, drawing inspiration from classic emo & pop-punk bands like Jimmy Eat World and Blink-182 but also modern scholar of the sound like KennyHoopla & POORSTACY.

The song opens with a gentle acoustic verse that builds to a soaring chorus. The lyrics are heartfelt and honest, and the music is both catchy and momentous. Silver Lining is a song about finding hope in the midst of darkness, and it’s a powerful reminder that even the most difficult times can have their bright side.

Perry has said that he wrote Silver Lining when his heart was full of love. He describes the song as a “cinematic love letter” that captures the feeling of falling in love with someone, for the first time. There’s a reflection of Perry’s own personal journey. In recent years, he has undergone a significant transformation, both personally and professionally. A near instant metamorphosis across most aspects of his life left Mikey in a state of shock that took time to overcome.

Silver Lining is the fourth single from PACES’ forthcoming album, Three Summers. The album is a collection of personal and introspective songs that explore Perry’s own experiences. It is a departure from his previous work, but it is a natural evolution for an artist who has faced grand turmoil and come out a different person.

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