UFO GO release fuzzed-out indie rock gem ‘Way Back When’

Single Launch, Matinee: Workers Club Fitzroy Saturday, November 26

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Photo by: Mike Miller


Melbourne trio UFO Go are charged and ready to roll with their new single ‘Way Back When’.  Warping and threading alt-rock, emo and 90’s indie influences, the new track is a perfect snapshot of the band’s attitude towards creating unforgettable music. They will be unveiling the track at a single launch and playing tracks from their new album at the Workers Club in Fitzroy at the end of November.

“Emo never dies, it just starts paying rent – Way Back When is a song about the mid-20s angst of coming to terms with who you are, and the death of the ego that makes your teen years and early-20s feel so apocalyptic. We learn to let go and forgive ourselves of the mistakes we made learning to be people, in the hope that we might go to bed one day and not remember the day we called our teacher mum, or the time we told a joke that made somebody cry.” 


‘Way Back When’ was recorded at the band’s private home studios in Melbourne with production by Mike Miller (Vocals, Guitar), who has also produced tracks for other Melbourne indie artists: Franco Cozzo, Orange Orange, CLAIM and Error37. “We recorded the drums at a friend’s home studio, and the rest at home (pre-COVID trailblazers much), written/produced/mixed/mastered all by Mike.” 


Single Art by: Vickih Jihadiqiswah

Applying the same attitude to their visuals, the eccentric music video to ‘Way Back When’ showcases the band at their most creative. It was filmed in their hometown of  Williamstown, Melbourne and directed by Mike Miller (Vocals, Guitar) with extras from the Melbourne Actors Centre to add some zany comic relief. 


“The video imagines a classic 60s/70s movie car chase, ala Bullitt, though what if cars were people too?? We hired some big strong men from the Melbourne Actors Facebook group to carry us around all day, and I don’t think one of them read the treatment before the day of the shoot – ‘you want me to do WHAT??”  UFO GO     

The band will be closing out the year strong and celebrating the release of ‘Way Back When’ at a single launch later this month.“At our single launch at the Workers Club we’ll be playing most of the songs off our new album, May Fear Never Stop You. We’ve developed a set that delivers the experience of the album with interstitial tracks that expand on the themes of the songs, with spoken word segments written alongside the lyrics of the album, and a programmed lighting show to match.”  UFO GO

UFO GO Single Launch

Matinee: Workers Club Fitzroy, Saturday November 26Tickets 

Supports: The Stranded, More TBA

UFO Go released their first full length LP ‘nottoogoodthanks’ in 2018, and single ‘Stay‘ in 2021. With over 50K streams on Spotify alone, the young Melbourne trio have performed at the Yarraville Festival and Swan Hill NYE Festival, and supported a swag of Melbourne artists such as: Hanny J (Clowns), Anty (The Bennies), Axe Girl, Franco Cozzo and Mylk.

Their next full length album, ‘May Fear Never Stop You,’ “is an exploration of learning to be comfortable with your failures, your anxieties, and trying to figure out how to stop holding on so tightly.” 

Stay tuned for release details!

‘Way Back When’ is out on now!

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