Alt-Rock Group Staples Release Their Introspective & Energetic Sophomore EP ‘Everything Will Be Okay’

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Previous Support for Staples

“Another infectious gem from Staples full of buoyant guitar tones, boppin’ beats, clever melodics, and lush vocals”
(Hysteria Mag) [About ‘Unjust Jeans (and Guillotines)’]

“‘Unjust Jeans (And Guillotines)’ is the ideal modern-day indie jam with a tip of the nostalgic hat to some classic sounds and vibes”

“Jangly, fun, nostalgic, and bloody catchy. You have such a great sound – it sounds like a band who really know who they are. Great stuff!”
(Jess Perkins, Triple J) [About ‘Optimist’]

“Love that jangle wash! Its ethereal but really dynamic and that rhythm propels this track along so well. Really enjoying this, thanks Staples!”
(Steph Hughes, Triple J) [About ‘Serotonin’]

Jangly guitars, vigorous post-punk basslines and soaring synths combine for the sophomore EP from Meanjin alt-rockers Staples. Titled ‘Everything Will Be Okay’, the record is out on Nov 18.

Packed to the brim with a visceral and vibrant mix of heartfelt vocals, intricate drum grooves and lush soundscapes, Staples elaborate on the EP’s broad subject matter:

“‘Everything Will Be Okay’ explores a spectrum of human emotional experiences, juxtaposing its longing melancholy, fever-dream anxiety and introspective darkness with naïve passion and bittersweet nostalgia.”

‘Normal Life’ is an explosive introduction, diving into melancholic depths layered with cascading polymetric guitars, icy synths and steadfast basslines.

Next, the rhythmic interplay of ‘The Train’ takes hold to mimic the relentless onslaught of anxious thoughts, before ‘Optimist’ pivots to upbeat indie-rock that gently blossoms into cathartic joy.

Providing a feel-good reprieve, the nostalgia-dipped tune ‘Unjust Jeans (and Guillotines)’ energetically inspires a smile, and feels synonymous with festival season.

Taking a bow with the dream-rock moodiness of the final track ‘A Scene of Yesterday’, this EP is a stellar showcase of the band’s talents.

In the lead-up to this EP, Staples have seen support from Hysteria Mag, AMNplify, AAA Backstage, GC Live, idobi radio (US), 4ZZZ, Rebel FM  and more.

Staples are set to spread their good vibrations even higher with their new EP ‘Everything Will Be Okay’ – out on November 18.

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