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Where are you currently based?

We’re based between North Melbourne and Footscray!

How did you first start playing music?
I started my music obsession when I was about three years old and refused to wear any outfit other than a yellow skivvy and black pants, mandating everyone who came to the house be subject to a performance of Big Red Car and Hot Potato. I graduated to a miniature electric guitar at seven, and my first actual proper guitar at twelve, being really loud and emotional ever since. The other two would have pretty similar stories, maybe different outfits though.
What’s been happening recently?
Piero and I moved house together, I bought a pink Telecaster, Dylan and I got carried around by two strong strangers from a Facebook group, my dad got my mum a drone for her birthday, just normal stuff.
Your latest single ‘Way Back When’ will be released on November 16, what or who influenced the sound and songwriting?
Way Back When is definitely influenced by mid-2000s emo and alt rock, with a big riff, a sad chorus you’re meant to loudly sing along with, and a bit of a synth situation in the middle. I was listening to a lot of Saosin when I wrote it, that’s why half the song is 9th chords. The synth bit is really just to hide the key change you’re not meant to notice, so that might be a bit Knights of Cydonia – I think there’s some Killers in there too.
How did you go about writing Way Back When?
It was written by me and my computer, I think in my old very hot bedroom in Glenroy, a few years ago now. I definitely started with the guitar riff and the drum pattern in the verse, and I think it was one of those songs that was completely done by the end of the day.
Where and when did you record/produce/master and who did you work with?
The whole album was written/recorded/mixed/produced/mastered by little old me, which hopefully you don’t immediately realise, but you probably do. We recorded the drums in a friend’s little garage studio that they built (shoutout the Reubmeister), and then the rest all in Piero’s and my living room in Coburg. I rented a white P-Bass, got my guitars set up real good and nice, and then we rocked our little hearts out.
How did you approach the recording process?
Whenever we get to recording, there’s already a pretty well produced demo, and we’re just recording good takes of everything with sounds that we’ve picked out. We’re not one of those bands that records all together, though I’d love to brag about something like that. We do one instrument at a time to a sound that goes BICK BOCK BOCK BOCK BICK BOCK BOCK BOCK and it’s strange but at the end it makes a song so that’s pretty good.
How did the concept for the music video come about?
Well let me tell you, there’s no formula for creating such genius ideas as “a car chase but it’s not cars it’s muscley guys carrying us around.” You get an idea like that, you just submit your application to MENSA and let the universe take over. I think my references were the chase from Bullitt and the Sabotage music video.
Where and when did you film and who did you work with?
We had a friend come and help us shoot the video earlier this year, around the industrial bit of Williamstown where you can run on the roads and there aren’t that many people to laugh at you. The script basically wrote itself, until one of the three guys that we hired off a Facebook actor’s group to carry us around couldn’t show up, and we had to improvise a Point Break style conclusion (I think it was for the best, really). Then I edited it together, now I expect the acclaim and trophies to start rolling in.
Who are you listening to at the moment?
I’m absolutely fanging the new 1975 album, might be their best yet. Also keen on the new Paramore track, waiting for more to drop. Went to see my friend’s band, GOUTS, who were proper heavy with some evil riffs. I just found out about Pushin’ P also and it might be my new favourite song ever. Piero is obsessed with Lil Baby at the minute, for some reason. I got in the car with Dylan and I think I heard My Chem, Sum 41 and All American Rejects so that’s the go there.
What’s planned for the remainder of 2022 going into 2023?
We’ve got our single launch at the Workers Club on the 26th of November, mega keen for that. Dylan’s programmed a whole light show for it, so that’s gonna be pretty sweet. We’ve got one more gig in December supporting some friends’ new band, Trip to Paris. Early next year we’ll be keeping on dropping songs and videos from our new album, ‘May Fear Never Stop You’. I couldn’t be more excited to share those tracks, finally!!
Favourite food and place to hangout?
I gave Piero 3 seconds to answer and he took 8 and said Pizza. Dylan says burrito but he had no time limit. I’m typing this so I have all the time in the world, which is actually a nightmare for me. I’m eating sour worms right now, so right now it’s sour worms. Best place to hang out is a playground at night, all other answers are wrong.

UFO GO Single Launch – Matinee: Workers Club Fitzroy, Saturday November 26

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