SwiftBoi is bulldozing the way for Aussie female Hip Hop!

by the partae

Tassie-born, Sydney-based Hip Hop artist, SwiftBoi isn’t for the faint-hearted.

She’s fierce, she’s fiesty and she’s facedly honest. It just so happens that she spits rhymes faster than any of the of her Aussie Hip Hop counterparts, with a kind of endearing realness, cheek and wit that would make a grown man blush.

You see SwiftBoi may be raw, but she is well-seasoned. She has seen it, heard it and done it all before.

Having performed on stages all over Australia since she was a 12 year old, starting in bars in Outback Western Australia, SwiftBoi has had the kind of life experiences that breed the most genuine of artists.

When she was 16, she ran away from her turbulent home life to pursue a music career in the City – and she has not stopped since, let alone to look back.

SwiftBoi began making a name for herself, building her credibility on the streets of Melbourne by freestyling in the Hip Hop circuit in 2015.

By 2017, she had produced her debut solo Hip Hop album HONEY TRAP.

Within days of it’s release, SwiftBoi’s single “The Bad Guy” had been shared by BODY BAG MEDIATriple JKISS FM4ZZZWOW FM and Hardcore FM (and that’s just to name a few).

She is quite literally, “making a scene”. And we love her for it.

‘The Bad Guy’ is a gritty, uninvited peek into SwiftBoi‘s much anticipated, forthcoming album, ‘HECTOPLASM‘ which, whilst still in the works, is guaranteed to be an industry game-changer.

‘The Bad Guy’ is evidence of a no holds barred, unapologetic Hip Hop female force that not only refuses to be bound by gentrification, gender or genre, it spits in their faces.


The female Hip Hop artist explicitly aims to challenge everybody’s view on the female contribution to Aussie Hip Hop, whether purposely or not.

For anyone who has ever felt different or disrespected by the masses… this track is for you.

If you are so privileged to have not been effected by misfortune in life, then all we can say is that the chorus is catchy as all hell!

SwiftBoi’s lyrical vendetta against society, the privileged, the entitled and the naysayers reveals a persona that can be described as Tarantino Uma Thurman vs Scarface, a theme which is quite obviously explored visually in her newest video.

The unapologetic lyrics of ‘The Bad Guy’ deal with the confronting issues of self-defense, bullying, and bisexuality – with a focus on being labelled “The Bad Guy” for winning against all odds, something of which SwiftBoi knows about all too well. Also giving way to the track’s overall IDGAF, cheeky attitude.

We can’t get enough of SwiftBoi, who is bulldozing the way for Aussie female hip hop artists with her tongue in cheek, lyrically witty and non-filtered style.

You can check out her new video here. It’s NSFW but then consider yourself lucky if you have a job!

Damaged will be announcing SwiftBoi shows soon so keep an eye on our socials people! She is a force to be reckoned with…

Stream now from Spotify, iTunes & more – https://DittoMusic.lnk.to/SwiftBoiTheBadGuy

“This is pure fire!” – Sandro Falce, Triple j

“This is a huge statement from SwiftBoi and how they dgaf what anyone thinks of ’em.” – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple j


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