Suara Festival: 1 Day Passes, Bali Arts & Culture Extravaganza

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Suara Festival introduces single day passes and unveils  extensive arts and culture programming featuring the best of Bali

Dynamic offerings include diverse food and beverage options, wellness activities, a speaker lineup, market stalls, Jungle Kids program, cultural and artistic performances, and eco-conscious initiatives

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 Suara Festival, Bali’s premier music and arts festival, slated for next month (July 26-28), has released single day passes for its highly anticipated three-day event, alongside details regarding its rich programming across art, food, culture, performance and wellness bolstering its global attraction. Set against the stunning backdrop of Nuanu City during its soft opening weekend, Suara promises an unparalleled fusion of music, art, wellness, and community engagement, appealing to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. With a global contemporary lineup set to stun alongside the region’s best represented across nine stages, Nuanu City’s picture perfect location perched on cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean on 44 hectares of rolling hills filled with magnificent flora and fauna, will offer an immersive and culturally inclusive experience from the jungle to the dancefloor. For international guests eager for an experiential holiday staying in nearby Canggu or those living domestically pining for a festive weekend escape, Suara is a must for lovers of wellness, music and artistic expression.

Beyond the multi genre and highly-curated music programming, this year’s offering includes a stage takeover in partnership with Mandala for club members, their guests and premium ticket holders, as well as visual and larger-than-life installation art by the likes of renowned South African artist Daniel Popper as well as a variety of traditional Balinese performances, aerialists and fire twirlers will roam the festival grounds. An artisan market featuring merchants from across the island, as well as food vendors peddling flavours from Indonesia and the world will also cater to festivalgoers palates and shopping needs. Other elements include a relaxing and enriching wellness program and a family zone complete with a nanny service  run by Jungle Kids, the Nuanu international kindergarten that emphasizes learning through play and nature-based experiences. Lastly, an impressive speaker lineup covering topics as varied as the Balinese philosophy of ‘Tri Hita Karana’, impact and innovation will leave festivalgoers feeling inspired and invigorated to carry forward learnings into the world post festival.

Now in its third year, Suara Festival is the mastermind of Nuanu City Founder and visionary Sergey Solonin and Alexander Shursh who together last year invited Do What You Love creative agency Owner Jason Swamy onboard as Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director to catapult the festival onto the world stage. Bringing with him a wealth of global experience shaping the fabric of the cultural zeitgeist from the depths of the desert in Nevada to the beachside tropics of Thailand and many more places in between, Swamy is credited with helping birth the ‘deep house’ genre. Having previously held director level roles with Burning Man’s Robot Heart, Further Future Festival in the United States and Thailand’s Wonderfruit (Asia’s first sustainable music festival), alongside a slew of brands and cultural institutions like Edition, LACMA Art Basel, M+Museum and NetEase, Swamy has spent the last 25 years working with emerging and up-and-coming artists through to three-star Michelin chefs, Grammy and Oscar winners.

Swamy expressed his excitement, stating: ”While we have an incredible melting pot of artists from across Bali, Southeast Asia and the world who will grace one of our many stages in July, Suara is so much more than a music festival. It’s an odyssey through Balinese culture where nature, community and spirituality seamlessly integrate. This is known as ‘Tri Hita Karana’ and this philosophy is the essence of Suara whether we’re talking about food, music, visual and performing arts, wellness, or our family and speaker program.”

“The festival name means ‘voice’ in Indonesian and so our aim is to facilitate a platform for Bali to share its incredibly rich and unique heritage with the world. Coupled with our global entertainment lineup it really is the epitome of ‘East meets West’.”

In tandem with the release of single day tickets, the headline acts for each day of the festival are also announced. American alt-pop talent Neil Frances (Duo set) are slated to headline on the Friday, hypnotic vocalists HVOB (live) and W Hotels Global Music Director and DJ and producer LP Giobbi slotted for the Saturday, and Aussie folk favourites Angus & Julia Stone as the main Suara headline act to close out the festival on the Sunday evening. The headline acts are complemented by a bespoke roster of the world’s most respected indie artists including Brandt Brauer Frick making their Bali debut, singer/songwriter/producer Youngr, instrumental samplists and bouncy beatmakers Geju, Australian pop siblings Lastlings, GRAMMY-nominees Mansionair, award-winning melodic house and techno producer Rodriguez Jr. (live), Akumandra label founder Sainte Vie (live) alongside regional stars like Ramengvrl, Yung Raja, DJ Wordy, and Jonathan Kusuma. A host of collectives from across Asia Pacific will also be dialling up the dancefloor with their eclectic showcases taking place from day into night.

Suara Festival Co-Founder and Nuanu Founder Sergey Solonin also shared his enthusiasm for this year’s edition stating, “I am thrilled to welcome everyone to Nuanu as we open our doors for the first time during this year’s Suara Festival. This event symbolises our vision of creating a space where culture, art, and community thrive together. Suara Festival is more than just a celebration; it’s an invitation to experience the harmony and creativity that Nuanu represents.”

Adds Swamy, “This is not for the passive-minded. Rather it is designed to be participatory in every possible way. By bringing so many talented people and purveyors together and with so many lovers of music, culture and art set to join us from all over, we are reshaping the future of the festival experience. I couldn’t think of a better backdrop for it than the Island of the Gods. See you on the dancefloor.”

Nuanu meaning ‘in the process’, embodies a commitment to harmonious living. Its vibrant community of creators, leaders, and changemakers is empowered to foster a culture of positive change. Designed as an integrated ecosystem, the city is spearheading 32 projects and has eight recreational spaces for education, art and culture, wellness, experience, and nature-inspired living, envisioning a future where these elements seamlessly intertwine.

As a thank you to the locals, the festival has allocated a number of tickets to a number of nearby Balinese communities. With single day passes now available starting at US$91, Suara Festival invites music enthusiasts, families, and wellness seekers to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and connection. To purchase tickets and learn more about Suara Festival, visit

**Further details on Suara’s arts, culture, food, wellness and family programming are outlined below.**

Cultural connections

Suara Festival proudly showcases Bali’s rich cultural heritage through traditional performances like Kecak, Joged Bumbung, Barong and Rangda, artisanal markets, and educational sessions. Attendees can also immerse themselves in Balinese dance classes led by esteemed local practitioners.

Performance artists

Bali’s best performance artists are set to impress throughout the festivities. Expect to spot stilt walkers from Bali’s Circus Academy, ‘Fiery Pixie’ fire twirlers as well as jaw dropping performances from hoop and silk aerialists from Moving Stars Bali amidst a suave of traditional Balinese performances.

Eco-Friendly initiatives

Committed to sustainability, Suara Festival introduces a number of eco-friendly initiatives inviting attendees to explore environmentally conscious practices. From recycling stations to educational workshops on eco-living, the festival aims to inspire positive change and environmental stewardship encouraging festival goers to carry forward these learnings beyond the festival grounds into their everyday lives.

Mandala Weekender

Suara Festival and Mandala club have come together to bring you the ultimate weekend experience, celebrating all things music, arts and culture in an iconic setting. Get access to a line-up of incredible music over three hedonistic days and nights at the Mandala Club Stage – including British Electronic group Freestylers, Jinny Ohh and Groovetop’s DJ Raaj and Aurora. The Mandala Club Stage is open to Mandala Club members and guests. Non-members can sign up to access the stage here:

Family-friendly festivities with Jungle Kids

The festival’s KidsZone hosted by Jungle Kids will feature an array of engaging activities spread across the Nuanu festival grounds. From storytelling in Tipis, to clay sculpting, making of musical instruments like maracas and didgeridoos as well as plenty of painting workshops, children will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and explore new talents under the supervision of trained animators and educators. An on-site nanny service will also be available to support families throughout the festivities.

Food and beverage vendors

Not just a feast for the ears, but also for the taste buds, Suara Festival boasts an impressive lineup of food vendors offering a diverse range of culinary delights. From the aromatic brews of Quickie Coffee to the refreshing indulgence of Indoamazon’s acai bowls, attendees can savour a variety of flavours. Nasgero tantalises with traditional Indonesian fare like Nasi Goreng, while Oyster Love Bali pairs oysters with sparkling wine for a luxurious treat. For those craving local specialties, Spice Journey offers the rich flavors of Indian cuisine while Ettore Gelato offers cool relief with their creamy gelato. Boss Man satisfies hearty appetites with their burgers and fries, and Daisy’s offers margaritas paired with karaoke for added fun. Bar Souvenir invites guests to unwind with natural wines, while Pho Thin brings the comforting warmth of pho soup. Alchemy caters to health-conscious attendees with fresh juices and salads, and Joshua District offers a carnivorous delight with their smoked BBQ and tacos. To start the day right, 7:00:00 AM BAKERY presents a tempting array of baked goods and sandwiches. With such a delectable array of options promising, Suara Festival ensures that every culinary craving is met amidst the celebration of music, art, and community.

Market merchants

The marketplace is set to be a vibrant retail experience offering a number of artisanal products and unique finds. From Raja Rani’s exquisite kimonos to Zaman’s intricate piercing designs, attendees will have the opportunity to browse and buy a wide variety of items. Festival staples like sunglasses and eco-conscious water bottles will be available for purchase at Sunset Eyewear and Bottles For Earth respectively. Balies Jewellery will enchant with their dazzling jewellery pieces, while Ina Essentials presents stylish clothing options. Bird of Paradise caters to both men and women with its selection of hats and clothing, while Shanti Flowers adds a touch of natural beauty with their flower crowns. For those seeking spiritual insights, Deborah Erlich, the astrologer, will be on hand. Finally, Hormesis Attire and Ashamaya round out the market vendors.

Speaker program

An engaging speaker program will provide the opportunity to delve into a diverse range of topics spanning sustainability, culture, wellness, and innovation. PT. Abundant Impact Ventures & Regenesys Resources shed light on waste transformation strategies with their session on “Transforming Waste to Empower and Regenerate Communities.” United Founders conduct interviews with influential figures like Suara Festival Co-Founder, Creative Director and CEO Jason Swamy, Daniela Burr from Ubud Open Studios, and the original founder of Yoga Barn, offering insights into entrepreneurship and community building. Mr. Anson Chan captivates with his exploration of the magical aspects of reality. Dr. Ravin Jay delves into the formation of Balinese Hinduism, while BambooU highlights the environmental benefits of bamboo construction. Hormesis Healthy Aging Solutions presents the Hormesis Protocol for healthy ageing, and BioArc delves into the principles of Biologic Design and its applications across various domains. Mathias Boissonot moderates an eco-founder panel discussion, fostering dialogue on sustainability and innovation. Maya Nova speaks on self awareness, adaptive mindset, emotional regulation and resilience as well as spiritual awakening, the Kelecung Eco village presents a talk on sustainable ecotourism and Mekar Bhuana opens up about the Nunau Social Fund initiative.With such a diverse lineup, the speaker program at Suara Festival promises to inspire, educate, and ignite conversations that resonate long after the event.

Wellness workshops

In collaboration with renowned wellness partners, Suara Festival offers attendees a holistic experience to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul. From yoga, stretch and pilates sessions hosted by Pilates Project, to breathwork accompanied by live instruments with Awakened Dreamers, kirtans and ecstatic dance classes, revellers can embark on a transformative journey towards inner harmony throughout the festival. For those seeking spiritual harmony, kirtans and surf flow yoga are on offer while Kerta Art will provide insight into Balinese traditions with workshops on Canang offerings and Balinese dance, providing a deeper connection to local culture. Samadi invites participants to explore meditation and mantra practices, as well as the transformative power of fires, promising a holistic wellness experience.


Angus & Julia Stone

Brandt Brauer Frick

Deer Jade

DJ Wordy


Juan G


Neil Frances (Duo Set)



Rodriguez Jr. (Live)

Sainte Vie (Live)


Yung Raja

Batavia Collective

Jonathan Kusuma



Tantra Collective feat. Archie, Danny, Kai & Ones


We Are Neurotic

Family Of Collectives:

Yeti Out feat. ONJUICY & mezz (HK)

Disko Afrika feat. Juan G, Batik Boy & Simply T (IND – Bali)

Chi Wow Wah (AUS)

Escape (IND – Bali)

Full Moon (IND – Bali)

GrooveTop  (SG)

It’s Good to be a Tree (IND – Bali)

Kang Kao (TH)

La Piscine Electronique (IND – Bali)



small&TALL (HK)

Soul Collective (SG)

Spin Sum (HK)

TOTEM (IND – Bali)

Unknwn (PH)

Additional artists:


Arca Tatasawara

Arthur Yeti

Arun R


Av Acquilla

Boom Lekha

Catur Hari Wijaya



DJ Rork



Gaby Endo





Harvy Abdurachman


Hoda Fadel



Jinny Ohh



Jungle Kitchen

Kaiser Waldon


Kiko Anpao

Larry Oz

Last Gentleman On Playa


Marika Paprika

Maurice Simon

Melted heart




Papa Gio




Quentin dcr



Ritual Frequencies


Rob Rizk

Sabda Irama

Samantha Nicole


Sophie Sofree


Swami Harami


The Cook

The Karuhun

Thursday Club

Tom Yeti






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