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“With ‘Pomegranate’, Silky Roads have delivered a psych-rocker draped in jazz-funk accoutrement that is sure to ‘capture the darkness and mystery that hits that certain spot for music lovers’.”
Atwood Magazine (USA)

“There is something thrilling about ‘Pomegranate’; I love the swagger and the vibe that Silky Roads brings.” – 4/5 stars
Nkechi Anele – triple j (AUS)


Certifying this vibe. The band spools out this swampy surf rock broth and the vocals bellow richly through it.” – 4/5 stars
Dave Ruby Howe – triple j Unearthed (AUS)

“Infectious downbeat psychedelia that’s bursting with groove.”
Deafen County (AUS)

Sydney-based indie-rock quartet Silky Roads have just revealed their idyllic debut EP ‘Granada’ – produced by Yossif Kay.

‘Granada’ is five tracks of groove-laden surf-rock, filled to the brim with a sun-soaked aura, the sultry vocals of lead singer Guy Richards and the bands effortless instrumentational pulse.

Silky Roads talks about the message behind ‘Granada’:

“‘Granada’ is a culmination of our excitement in starting to write music, a blooming friendship between four lads, and a bunch of wild world events that have changed the way we interact as human beings. We want to introduce the world to ‘Granada’, and ask everyone out there to take a listen so that we can continue to document our perspectives through the thing we love most, and that’s music.”

Opener ‘Pomegranate’ immediately captivates the listener with its muted guitar picks, fluidly intertwining with silky bass and steadfast drums to give the track an all-encompassing lift. This introduces track two ‘Caramel Slice’, a slow-burning jam of carefree indie-rock, showcasing rich melodies and gliding choruses.

The third track ‘Traffic Jam’ slowly unfolds with reverb-soaked guitars, before launching into fascinating rhythms and an unexpected tempo change, keeping the listener consistently surprised. Expansive bass lines and funk guitar chords introduce fourth track ‘Rashida’, as it frequently changes pace and flow keeping the listener off-guard and entranced.

‘Granada’ closes with reflective number ‘Keep Up’, comprising beautifully arranged guitars and Guy Richards’ croons, concisely wrapping up the EP with the band’s now trademark style of surf-rock.

Singles off ‘Granada’ have been widely embraced by Australian radio stations triple jtriple j Unearthed2SERSYN FM4ZZZ and Radio Adelaide. They’ve also seen support from online blogs Atwood Magazine (USA)Deafen CountyThe SoundcheckForte Magazine, AAA Backstage and Something You Said.

While they’ve only been a band for a short period, Silky Roads have shown themselves to be prolific up and comers. The four songwriters take inspiration from the likes of Ocean AlleyLime Cordiale and Mako Road, creating a unique blend of indie and psych-rock.

‘Granada’ is available worldwide now

EP Track Listing

1. Pomegranate
2. Caramel Slice
3. Traffic Jam
4. Rashida
5. Keep Up




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