Parisian musician, composer & producer Saycet releases ‘FATHER’ EP | Featuring remixes from Irène Drésel and S8JFOU | Official music video out now

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Parisian musician, composer & producer Saycet releases 'FATHER' EP | Featuring remixes from Irène Drésel and S8JFOU | Official music video out now


Parisian musician, composer and producer Saycet today releases the next EP ahead of his anticipated new album, LayersFeaturing new remixes from Irène Drésel and S8JFOUFATHER EP is out now via Météores Music. The EP is now available to stream/purchase and will be released on vinyl on Record Store Day – 12th June.

Over recent months, Pierre Lefeuvre’s Saycet project has continued to reach impressive and new artistic maturity. As Saycet prepares for the release of his fourth album, September of 2020 saw the Parisian multi-instrumentalist entice fans with opening single MOTHERDriven by experimentation, today’s new single FATHER, was born from a desire to remix, reimagine, and unravel the creative mechanisms behind his own work. FATHER is a rework of MOTHER but formed as an original piece of music in its own right. As a counterpart to the original, the track proposes a more minimal, gentler and luminous take on the synthetic, melodic and powerful compositions, built around elegiac vocals. This new, unmistakably Saycet single features remixes from Irène Drésel and S8JFOU and is completed by an instrumental and ambient-infused track titled Neigewhich is available exclusively on the vinyl version.

At first glance, Saycet’s journey may seem peculiar but in reality, it is extremely fluid. A backward evolution away from our current era, which churns out artists non-stop – a path that has made Pierre Lefeuvre, the brain behind his Saycet project for the last 15 years, a key figurehead in the French electronic music landscape.

After release his first album, 2005’s One Day At HomeSaycet built upon a genre that had fallen into relative disinterest. Deliberately melancholy, errant electronic music made somewhat more accessible by pop melodies and experimental sounds. An outsider by nature, he was nonetheless spotted by influential media outlets, finding an international fanbase that would remain faithful to him through the years.

With time, Saycet’s creative work became more refined, and his influences merged into a highly personal approach that succeeded in linking cerebral music with an opening to a wider audience. 2010’s Through The Window and 2015’s Mirage continued the project’s evolution towards a more timeless sound that shone through its arrangement work and an asserted versatility. Tours of Asia and collaborations (with Juliette Armanet and Yan Wagner among others) helped Saycet grow further (yet still outside of the mainstream’s radar) nonetheless finding his niche on the international music map. His approach to live performances cemented his place as an innovator, always in search of new aesthetic grounds, with stage shows that implemented video projection as a source of lighting rather than as mere visual illustration, creating a truly immersive experience in the process.

Somewhat accidentally, Lefeuvre opened the doors to composing via images – a logical, uncalculated continuation for this production artisan, whose composition work is nourished by visual art and cinematic culture. He created his first score for the 2019 feature Un Vrai Bonhomme and started making headways into the circle of pop music composers who collaborate with filmmakers.

Most recently, Saycet composed the music for the Canal + documentary Bastard Lion along with La Révolution. Aired last year, La Révolution is Netflix France’s latest historical drama series set to the backdrop of a fictionally revised French Revolution – 1787. Composed by Saycet and also featuring four new reworks including of Haendel’s Sarabande, the official soundtrack is available to stream and purchase here.

Soon to be revealed, Saycet is also slated to be in residence in 2021 for a one-of-a-kind creative project built around the Château de Versailles’ architectural heritage and instruments.

Tracklist – Digital:

1. Mother
2. Father (Mother Saycet Rework)
3. Mother (Irène Drésel Remix)
4. Mother (S8JFOU Remix)

Tracklist – Vinyl:

A1. Mother
A2. Mother (Irène Drésel Remix)
A3. Neige
B1. Father (Mother Saycet Rework)
B2. Mother (S8JFOU Remix)

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