PERFUME GENIUS IMMEDIATELY Remixes is out now! Physical release on June 12 Featuring remixes of every song on Set My Heat On Fire Immediately in original running sequence by Actress, A.G. Cook, Boy Harsher, Danny L Harle, Initial Talk, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Jenny Hval, Jim-E Stack, Katie Dey, Koreless, Nídia, Planningtorock & Westerman

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PERFUME GENIUS IMMEDIATELY Remixes is out now! Physical release on June 12 Featuring remixes of every song on Set My Heat On Fire Immediately in original running sequence by Actress, A.G. Cook, Boy Harsher, Danny L Harle, Initial Talk, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Jenny Hval, Jim-E Stack, Katie Dey, Koreless, Nídia, Planningtorock & Westerman

Today, Perfume Genius releases the IMMEDIATELY Remixes album via DSPs. IMMEDIATELY Remixes is a companion album to Perfume Genius’ Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, remixed in original running sequence by Boy Harsher, Jenny Hval, A. G. Cook, Actress, Danny L Harle, Jaakko Eino Kaleivi, Jim-E Stack, Planningtorock, Initial Talk, Nídia, Westerman, Actress, Koreless and Katie DeyHadreas has said, “I’m very honored to have all these incredible musicians rework these songs. I felt personally remixed listening to their versions, hearing the spirit of my song completely transformed was very magical. Each one feels like a little portal to a fucked up shared world.”  The 2xLP will be pressed onto metallic silver vinyl, limited to an edition of 2,500 exclusive to indie record stores as part of Record Store Day on June 12.

Tomorrow March 13, at 8AM AEDT the Perfume Genius Hotline will be open. Fans can call in to Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas and Alan Wyffels. They’ll answer your questions on love and relationships and spin tracks from Immediately Remixes. Fans can call in to +1 562-375-4827.

Prior to today’s album release, Perfume Genius had shared the A. G. Cook remix of ‘Describe,’ the Jim-E Stack remix of ‘Without You’ and Boy Harsher’s remix of ‘Your Body Changes Everything.’  Of that track Billboard noted, “Every now and then, an artist will release a ‘remix’ of one of their songs, and barely anything is different. That’s simply not the case for Perfume Genius’ new collaboration with Boy Harsher — the pair’s remix …is a complete departure from its source material. Subbing in a new melody concocted with moody synths and ’80s drum beats, the track transforms itself into an avant-pop phantasmagoria that blends perfectly with Mike Hadreas’ otherworldly vocals.”  Uproxx declared, “It perfectly encompasses both of the musicians’ reflective sound.”

From operatic acid-rave (‘Just A Touch’) to opulent 80’s synth-funk (‘On The Floor’), ambient club polyrhythms (‘Moonbend’) to breakbeat-addled electronic pop (‘Describe’), tech-damaged tremolo waltz (‘One More Try’) to a mid-song running artist commentary on the remix itself (‘Leave’), IMMEDIATELY Remixes is an endlessly surprising, imaginative and replayable set to match its source material.

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately  appeared on 2020 end of year lists by TIME Magazine, New York Times, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Pitchfork, Billboard, The New Yorker, Vogue, NPR, Stereogum and many others. The album was produced by GRAMMY-winning producer Blake Mills and features contributions from musicians Jim Keltner, Pino Palladino, Matt Chamberlin and Rob Moose. It was recorded in Los Angeles, where Perfume Genius settled in 2017 with longtime partner and musical collaborator Alan Wyffels. The album explores and subverts concepts of masculinity and traditional roles, and introduces decidedly American musical influences.

In the wake of  Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, Hadreas appeared on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!played a global live stream from The Palace Theater in downtown Los Angeles and announced the publication of Immediatelythe book companion to the new album featuring iconic portraits of Perfume Genius by celebrated French photographer Camille Vivier.  Perfume Genius has also appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert performing ‘Whole Life’ for their #PlayAtHome series and on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he performed ‘On The Floor’ and ‘Jason’.

Purchase / Stream IMMEDIATELY
Purchase / Stream Set My Heart On Fire Immediately:

Perfume Genius – ‘Describe (A.G. Cook Remix)’


“13 tracks of unfailing intensity and poetry, expressed via a sonic template that is thrillingly diverse.” – Barnaby Smith, Sydney Morning Herald ★★★★

“Hadreas wears his heart on his sleeve and unapologetically celebrates life with such sincerity and warmth that these tunes will inevitably touch the hearts and minds of listeners.” – Guido Farnell, The Music ★★★★

“Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is an excellent collection of storytelling and expression.” – Scott Hudson Beat 8/10

“His vision is fuller, his musicality is grander; if his earlier works were coming-of-age records, Hadreas sounds fully complete now.” – Conor Lochrie, X-Press 8/10

“At once gentle and fierce, this dichotomy is the very essence of Perfume Genius, a formidable talent who continues to break the mould of what it means to be an artist.” – Holly Pereria, STACK

“It’s an absolute tour de force, a record full of drama and emotion and pleasure and pain. If this is Perfume Genius quest for senation, then his latest is absolutely fizzing with it.” – DIY ★★★★★

“Rich, fascinating and moving”  The Guardian, Album Of The Week ★★★★★

“There’s a silver thread woven into each of these songs; Hadreas pulls and they move like a single breathing thing, just as bodies do when they’re pressed against each other, then released.” – The Independent ★★★★★

“Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is, as its demanding title suggests, his most confident work yet – a patient and emotionally sagacious record that floats and pummels with a sense of satisfied discovery.” – Exclaim! 9/10

“If the early albums were coming-of-age records, this is Perfume Genius, of age. The music isn’t any one thing. It’s everything, occasionally at once, playing with the ideas of hard and soft, innocence and danger, chaos and control, vastness and intimacy, leather and lace. The characteristic — thrilling — strangeness remains, particularly when Hadreas indulges the deeper registers of his singing voice.” – The New York Times

“a pop-perfect two and a half minutes.” – Rolling Stone on “‘Describe

“‘Describe’ is Perfume Genius at their finest as Mike Hadreas takes us through a trip of multiple dimensions, unveils a screeching guitar and unleashes a heavy rhythm section on this ‘90s rock-feeling single” – Billboard

 “… a thing of beauty and wonder” – Daily Telegraph ★★★★★

“… perfection”  – Attitude ★★★★★

“… blazes a new trail through his emotional landscape” – MOJO ★★★★

“… his most ensnaring album yet” – Sunday Times

“… atmospheric and very beautiful”  – The Times ★★★★

“… bold and intense” – Evening Standard ★★★★

“expertly crafted chamber-pop vignettes” – The Sun ★★★★

“Stunning”  – NME ★★★★

“one of most compelling transformations in modern music” – Crack 9/10

“burns with passion” – Loud & Quiet 9/10

… songs of hope and survival” – Daily Mirror ★★★★

9.5/10 – The Line Of Best Fit

By Ocean Vuong

Can disruption be beautiful? Can it, through new ways of embodying joy and power, become a way of thinking and living in a world burning at the edges? Hearing Perfume Genius, one realizes that the answer is not only yes—but that it arrived years ago, when Mike Hadreas, at age 26, decided to take his life and art in to his own hands, his own mouth. In doing so, he recast what we understand as music into a weather of feeling and thinking, one where the body (queer, healing, troubled, wounded, possible and gorgeous) sings itself into its future. When listening to Perfume Genius, a powerful joy courses through me because I know the context of its arrival—the costs are right there in the lyrics, in the velvet and smoky bass and synth that verge on synesthesia, the scores at times a violet and tender heat in the ear. That the songs are made resonant through the body’s triumph is a truth this album makes palpable. As a queer artist, this truth nourishes me, inspires me anew. This is music to both fight and make love to. To be shattered and whole with. If sound is, after all, a negotiation/disruption of time, then in the soft storm of Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, the future is here. Because it was always here. Welcome home.—Ocean Vuong, author of On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

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