prchr. Releases A Bombardment Of Rock With Dual Single ‘GHOST / CHICAGO’ (Out Now)

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“prchr. (pronounced ‘percher’) is on a quest to bring his ‘new era’ rock vision to the masses with fuzzy guitar tones and hectic distortion sounds that morph between alternative, garage rock and grunge.”  (Scenestr) [About ‘ONLY CHILD’]
“ONLY CHILD erupts oozing with the hard-hitting swagger of Royal Blood, the raw charm of DZ Deathrays, and a holistic adoration for all things rock’n’roll.”
(Hysteria) [About ‘Only Child’]

Serving up a bombardment of unflinching rock, prchr. (pronounced percher), is breaking the levy with his dual single ‘GHOST / CHICAGO’, out Friday, June 9prchris channelling raw energy with his blend of genres through alternative, garage and hard rock, hailing in a new era that resonates deeply with young, like-minded rock enthusiasts.

Since releasing his debut EP ‘ONLY CHILD’ at the beginning of 2023, prchr.’s journey has seen him share the stage with notable acts like The Smith Street Band and Press Club on their recent tour. With airplay on BBC Radio 1 and numerous radio outlets across Australia and the USA, as well as recognition from esteemed publications like Scenestr and Hysteria Magprchr. continues to garner widespread support for his distinctive sound.

Now, unleashing his latest double A/B-sided singles, ‘GHOST’ and ‘CHICAGO’, both tracks serve as anthems of escapism, exploring themes of disappointment in loved ones, isolation, and introspection, all while being layered with walls of fuzz and infectious hooks.

The focus track, ‘GHOST’, encapsulates prchr.’s darker songwriting with a big wall of rock approach. With its brooding atmosphere, fuzzy textures, and introspective lyrics, ‘GHOST’ delves into the emotions of isolation from loved ones, self-doubt, accepting oneself, and relinquishing hope for a brighter future.

On the flip side, ‘CHICAGO’ builds upon the foundations of blues rock, infusing it with a modern garage flair. The track revolves around the theme of escapism and the dangers of wasting time on the wrong people. With its pulsating instrumentation and infectious energy, ‘CHICAGO’ exemplifies prchr.’s knack for crafting powerful rock soundscapes.

To coincide with the release of GHOST / CHICAGO’prchr. unveils a visually mesmerizing music video set in a gritty warehouse carpark. The video showcases prchr. tormented in the raw industrial backdrop as the lyrics are projected onto the surroundings creating an enrapturing lighting effect to become fully immersed in.

 massive barrage of rock in ‘GHOST / CHICAGO’ is out everywhere on Friday, June 9.


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