Off Judy Find The Sweet Spot Between An Indie Rock Bop And A Punk-Laden Belter With ‘Under The Weather’ (Out Now)

by the partae
With their nonchalant and carefree attitude, this raucous Byron Bay-based garage surf rock trio, Off Judy, are releasing their latest single, ‘Under The Weather’ with its accompanying music video on Friday, June 9.

Formed as a duo, Off Judy consists of singer and guitarist Finn Mcildowie and drummer Thomas Cameron-Duncan. Recently, they welcomed the addition of drummer Axl Delandro and Thomas Cameron-Duncan’s transition to bass, solidifying their powerful lineup and expanding their sonic possibilities.

‘Under The Weather’ is the exhilarating new track that showcases Off Judy’s fusion of sun-kissed punk and invigorating surf shack anthems. The song effortlessly combines infectious melodies with euphoric energy, creating a proverbial earworm. ‘Under The Weather’ has their punk roots shining through with a raw rock foundation that bursts with chant-worthy chorus. Masterfully, they have found a sweet spot between a palatable indie rock bop and a punk-laden belter.

Regarding the inspiration behind ‘Under The Weather’, Finn Mcildowie shares:

“We’ve all found ourselves in dark places. Whether it’s a momentary bad headspace or it feels more like an endurance race with no finish line. This song came to life while I was stuck in a quarantine hotel in Hamilton, New Zealand, which undoubtedly influenced its raw emotions. However, the message is pretty clear—Be there for your mates, let them know they’re not alone. Lean on each other through the shit times and come out better on the other side.”

Capturing that pure indie-rock goodness, the band had the privilege of working with producer Brock Weston (BUGS) – a name that has become synonymous with the genre. Weston’s guidance and production expertise brought out the best in ‘Under The Weather’, resulting in a track that encapsulates Off Judy’s energetic spirit.

The accompanying music video, filmed and edited by Curtis Cloake, is a mixed-bag of emotions. Through their characteristic happy-go-lucky approach, the clip takes viewers on a comical journey, showcasing a protagonist who finds himself at rock bottom. Struggling with a series of misfortunes –including a humilating time at the rollerskating rink– he is ignited with a spark of courage and returns to the rink for a spirited, feel-good ending.

In addition to the release of ‘Under The Weather’Off Judy has exciting live shows on the horizon. They will be performing at the Byron Music Fest Launch Party on June 16th, and fans across the pond can look forward to their upcoming New Zealand tour in October, which will see them performing in WellingtonGisborne, The Mount, and Auckland.

Off Judy’s
 unique blend of slacker-punk, larrikin wit, and zany stage presence has garnered them a reputation for delivering electrifying performances, which has had them invited to support the likes of Daily J, SKEGSS, Pandamic and more. Their explosive energy and witty ratbaggery make each live show experience a memorable and raucous affair.

Chant along with Off Judy’s surf punk anthem on Friday, June 9 and stay connected with the band for more upcoming show dates, releases, and all the latest news.

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