Heterochromia release sassy new pop rock single ‘Plastic’

by the partae

Sydney indie-pop soloist Heterochromia shares dancey new single, Plastic, before heading on the Cracked Porcelain Tour, visiting towns across the nation.

Exploring the throes of self-worth, Plastic boasts a mellow balance of energetic rock and bubblegum pop genres, engaging listeners with sing-along melodies, bouncing riffs and an upbeat rhythm section that delivers an important message packaged in candied sarcasm.

“Plastic laments a time in my life where I was feeling very ornamental and used by various characters in my life, which served as a catalyst for the toy motif we’ve been playing with so far,” says vocalist Bree Vane“Plastic has a very cathartic ‘f*ck you I’m a whole person’ chorus that makes it a lot more positive, and it’s definitely the most upbeat song we’ve written. I’m really excited for people to dance to this one”

Produced by Joshua Gonzalez, and mixed and mastered by Christopher Vernon (Belle Haven, Future Static, Better Half), Plastic builds with each passage to create a lush sonic tapestry teeming with Vane’s signature sugar-coated pop energy.

The track forefronts Vane’s exemplary songwriting and commanding yet vulnerable vocals in a high-end production package that makes for a truly evocative performance.

Heterochromia will be taking their live performances across the East Coast on the Cracked Porcelain Tour visiting Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and Sydney. Heterochromia will headline Hamilton Hotel in Newcastle on August 6 and Oxford Art Gallery in Sydney on September 9. Surrounding dates will see Heterochromia support up and coming acts local to each show. More information below!

No stranger to the music industry, Vane is renowned for her contribution to the Australian music community as a photographer and graphic designer. Most notably, Vane spearheaded Wall Of Sound’s evolution into digi-mag territory, where she has successfully curated both the Good Things Festival Special and the soon to be released Knotfest Special digi-mags. A woman of many creative endeavours, Vane is also the brains behind the machine that is Heterochromia.

Heterochromia’s debut 2022 single Baby Doll, a tale of forbidden love, put the name on the map and saw Vane debut her live show with a band at Sydney’s packed out Burdekin Hotel last November. Earlier this year Vane collaborated with alt rock favourite David De La Hoz of Belle Haven on sophomore single Kicking, demonstrating a great emotional range and commendable musicianship.

Plastic is the third single by Heterochromia before a larger release will make its way into the world later in the year. Plastic is available now, streaming on all platforms.

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