Phil Jamieson @ The Curtin Hotel, 4th August 2022

by the partae

Photography + Words – Darren Chan

Phil Jamieson is the consummate frontman leading his legendary rock band Grinspoon, who  I had the pleasure of seeing headline the Springloaded Festival earlier this year.

Tonight, Phil Jamieson performed as a solo artist performing his debut solo album ‘Somebody Else’.  In a more cozy intimate venue, the Curtin Hotel, Phil and the band came onstage to a rapturous applause and cheering. Along with guitar sideman Davey Lane of You am I (and The Pictures who opened the night), they launched into the guitar heavy track on “Trouble”.

Tonight we got to see and hear Phil’s songwriting and creativity extend to more melodic pop, from the catchy “Kapow”, indie pop “Rebecca”, the western “YCBM”, to the brit-rock album opener “Somebody Else”. Brilliant stuff.

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