Thousand Fingers

by the partae

Welcome to The Partae! How is everything in your world after the pandemic?

Everything is going much better than I planned, actually. My brands are growing fast and getting great feedback from the scene. 

Why did you start Follow The Fingers records? What was the inspiration? What was the aim?

It became one of my life goals after spending many years in the industry. I wanted to create a record label & recording studio joint brand where like-minded artists can freely express themselves.

How important is artwork and format do you think in 2022?

At the end of the day, you are selling music, but the image is important too. It should definitely reflect the total concept of the release and also link to the format of the record label. In Follow The Fingers, we work with different designers for the releases. Most recently, we worked with Italian artist Elisa. She explains of her art that the images were originally an experiment. “I wanted to explore the relationship between music and abstract visuals, and I wanted to investigate the role of technology in the production of art. I used Frax, an open source app that allows users to create their own fractals, infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. I also wanted to modify my fractals even more, so I manually modified colours, light and movement in each picture. Finally I used Runway ML, a machine learning software that allows creators to explore different uses of Artificial Intelligence. By feeding the archive of images I had from Frax into Runway, I was able to obtain new and totally unique graphics.”

And what about videos and social media? Do they play a role in getting the label out there?

Of course!

What is the signature sound of the label? What defines it musically?

Our sound draws on an image of a post-apocalyptic future, but it’s not a simple replicate of the Mad Max theme. It is more modern and in harmony with machines. It respects every theme and area of post-apocalypiıc life. There’s the post-apocalyptic love story, the post-apocalyptic world of vikings…limited by imagination only.

Tell us about the new VA. How did you select the artists for this?

A few of the artists have releases on Follow The Fingers already. However, I am always finding new artists on the internet and reaching out. They are people who I’ve come across on music streaming or download platforms.

How has the label evolved since you first started it?

The label is constantly growing its roster and getting more recognition with each release. When it comes to the releases, originality is giving us a big distinction from other labels. Every release gets a new blog feature, premiere, radio play or gesture of support from top artists. 

How do you manage that while staying true to the original and core sound?

You just work with the right artists at the right time. The industry evolves/changes all the time and I should be listening to a lot of music and foresee where the scene is going. That’s how I can pick original creatives on my same wavelength.

What have been the best releases or the ones you’re most proud of so far?

I’m proud of all our releases but my favourite three are Into The Mist EP, Poison Lips EP, and She Said EP.

What else are you doing forward to/have you got coming up?

Oh, we have a lot of exciting sounds coming along! Apart from that, nowadays, I am working on a new compilation of ADE.





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