Sheph.ART & Barry Saleh

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Where are you currently based?

Hey! Great to be here today, we’re currently based out in Southwest Sydney, Liverpool to be specific!


How did you two come together to create music?

Sheph.ART: We actually met years ago, both on a construction site as electricians! One day, we were working on a large job together when I played some of my own music on the speakers. The conversations that brewed since then have never stopped! We went on to create music together, open our own Music Studio and have lots more in the works.


What’s been happening recently?

Barry Saleh: As we’re both producer and artists, our lives revolve around music 24/7! At this very moment, we are working on some large scale EPs for the artists that work with us as well as planning our next release.

Sheph.ART: I mirror what Barry said! Our publicist always tells us that we need more coverage of us outside our studio, but it’s the music that drives us forward, whether it’s learning, creating or executing on what we’ve set out to do. We have a lot more in works as business owners working in the music industry. Currently, we are also expanding our team of producers, finding more talent to work with and expanding our portfolio of music!


‘Action’ is your debut single together, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

Sheph.ART – “Action’ is a reference to the people who have doubted my musical, creative and business abilities, always being nowhere to be found when crunch time was imminent and now would like a seat at the table to bear the fruits of my labor. I specifically made the production as gritty as possible without losing its melodic essence in order to take the listener through an emotional rollercoaster to feel the hunger that I felt going through the motions of being able to get to where I am today and looking to go forward from here.”

Barry Saleh –  “In the opening verse I wrote through the eyes of my brother and the experiences that I witnessed him live through. I paint a picture of unhealthy memories in a reminiscent/braggadocious manner and take listeners all the way through to the present moment of growth and obstacles that are faced when it comes to people doubting and having ill intentions. The first person writing approach we took throughout the track strengthens relatability and understanding as it allows listeners to consume our lyrics as if they are the personas living the narrative or as if we are speaking directly to them in conversation.”


Please describe your collaborative process?

Sheph.ART: As Barry and I work together on a daily basis as producers, we have nailed our collaborative process down to the tee. From a production standpoint, we both have areas of expertise that we like to give to each other, for example, I love laying down the Melodies on keys and Barry is a killer guitarist! We both decide on the vibe of the track and go from there. Action’s instrumental is gritty yet melodic and takes the audience through a journey so for us as musicians, it’s all about what the track needs, we let go of any ego and do what’s right for the record.

Barry Saleh: In regard to the collaborative process for writing, we always go off the feeling of the beat, usually when we start writing together, we always end up writing about the same feeling, but if we don’t whoever nails the hook first, we go off of that as the topic. Sheph and I have had similar yet different experiences in life and so we tackle that topic from a different perspective. I agree with Sheph, when it comes to the record, we are a means of delivering a message, but if the message doesn’t sit right for the record, there are no hard feelings, you scrap it and move on. We’re tough critics of each other and so will challenge each other.


Where and when did you record/produce/master and who did you work with?

Sheph.ART – Being artist/producers, Barry and I, produced, tracked and engineered in our own studio BeatsWithSheph. I find that being a producer makes me a better artist and being an artist makes me a better producer all allowing me to have the flexibility to tell many stories in the one record. For example, Being a producer/artist, I used the melodies in the chorus and my verse of “Action”  to tell a story in itself. Although the beat and the main vocals can sound upfront and in your face, the listener has the option to listen a little more in depth and find that there is a flow of movement in the record that showcases the euphoric feeling of success through grit, hunger and hustle.”


How did you approach the recording process?

Sheph.ART – There are a few ways that I like depending on the feeling of the beat, sometimes, I will record melodies first and comp it together and write and record from there. Other times, I have the lyrics written, memorised (always memorised) and then when I record, it’s all about the delivery. This is not just something I hold for myself as an artist, but something I talk about with the artists that I engineer for. Engineering starts during the recording process and focusing on the delivery is everything.

Barry Saleh – Sheph and I take our engineering experience into the studio when we record, whenever we are tracking for each other, we understand even as seasoned recording artists, there are still nerves at the start of any recording process, getting that out of the way is when the recording really starts. From there it’s about finding every take that has been delivered the best. Making sure that our engineering vocalware is catered for the vocals of the artist (even if it’s ourselves), choosing a mic that suits the voice of the artist and the tone of the record.


What do you have planned for Action?

There is so much happening for Action! We have quite a few blogs, radios and endorsements coming our way for this record and the love is appreciated! We aren’t stopping here though, there is going to be another record dropping shortly for you all to bump to and a few other projects in the works! Keep an eye out!


Who are you listening to at the moment?

Sheph.ART – I’ve been bumping KAYTRANADA and Anderson.Paak!

Barry Saleh – I love listening to Burna Boy, JID and a range of Arabic music!


Any live shows coming up?

Barry Saleh – “At the moment, there are a few live shows in the works and will be finalised in the coming months! Performing has always been part of my life since a young age and there is no feeling like performing and seeing your fans in the crowd singing the words of your records!”

Sheph.ART – “Touring is definitely on the to do list, but right now, for me, it is more about creating a strong digital presence and growing my skills for when it’s time to perform.”


What’s planned for the remainder of 2022 going into 2023?

We love this question!

Currently, we have a fair few projects in the works, not just for our artistry, but for business! Keep an eye out for “Sheph Division” “BeatswithSheph” and everything that encompasses it! Our organisation has doubled over the past few months and we don’t plan to stop, so if you’re an artist, producer or engineer who is looking for the next step in there career, we’re on the hunt to find you and help you grow!

For our records, we plan to come out with more records that are just going to blow you away!


Favourite food and place to hangout?

Sheph.ART – I’m an avid cook so I love a good home cooked meal, but I like to spice it up so I cook at my BeatswithSheph studio haha!

Barry Saleh – Love me good meal from Classic Burger! Can’t go wrong there! With our busy schedule sometimes ordering Uber Eats is time efficient and having great options open till late in Liverpool is a plus!



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