KAI CULT – Unveils Momentous New EP ‘OK BOOMER’

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KAI CULT - Unveils Momentous New EP 'OK BOOMER'


Ragged and brash stuff from KAI CULT, I’m feeling it in every pore of my body.
Declan Byrne – triple j (AUS)

It’s another masterclass in unhinged, eccentric punk.”
Hysteria Magazine (AUS)

“Delivering a chaotically warped and colourfully explosive new video that’s a fiery reminder of the debt-riddled dystopian world we’re currently living in.”
ABC’s Rage (AUS)

Multiple video clips added to rotation on ABC’s Rage

Melbourne-based post-punk DIY artist KAI CULT has just revealed his apocalyptic new EP ‘OK BOOMER’ – recorded in his share house bedroom and mixed and mastered by Ashwin Rao of Singaporean garage-rock band Knightingale.

‘OK BOOMER’ is five tracks of riveting post-punk that drips with aggression and angst, creating a dystopian sonic world through the use of raw instrumentation and KAI CULT’s commanding vocals. The record’s in-your-face nature makes it wholly unable to ignore, as its politically charged lyrics reference issues from immigration to the worldwide pandemic.

KAI CULT talks about the inspiration behind ‘OK BOOMER’:

“’OK BOOMER’ was written as a response to the events of 2020. It is a satirical take on the disturbing disconnect that continues to widen between the younger and older generation as society is increasingly becoming more politically aware and activated. Many questionable decisions were being made by people in power that effected, marginalized, and caused great suffering for many members of society, and thanks to the internet, many bore witness to the various acts of ignorance, cruelty, and greed committed in varying degrees, all over the globe. In an event as horrific as what we just experienced, it can be exhausting to detail the who’s and what’s of every event that happened during 2020. Sometimes you simply just need to say, ‘OK BOOMER!’”

Opener ‘LET ME STAY’ is a surging pocket rocket, sucker punching the listener with two minutes of searing guitar solos and wailing screeches, rising like a tidal wave of distortion, as KAI CULT screams, “why can’t you let me stay, I got friends around, and I’m doing ok”.

Second single, ‘CIGARETTE BURNS’ then immediately kicks into actions with splashing guitar chords, frenetic drums and KAI CULT’s megaphone-like vocals as the track builds and crescendos towards a chaotic ending. Lead single ‘MASSIVE CHECKS’ is next up with grinding bass lines, commanding sung-spoken lead vocals and atmospheric guitar vibrato that forms a mutated, captivating party punk anthem.

Crash cymbals wash across the arrangement of fourth track ‘TIME’, intertwining with echoing drums and reverberating guitar to form an intense partnership as KAI CULT sings about loss and the desperation behind a sick family member simply trying to ‘borrow time’.

The fifth and final track, ‘FOR REAL’, closes out the record with booming kick drums and spoken word vocals, mixing a hip-hop aesthetic with KAI CULT’s trademark chunking bass and harsh guitar riffs, showing off his dynamic range and setting the stage for his intriguing musical future.

Singles off ‘OK BOOMER’ have been widely embraced by triple j Unearthed and Australian radio stations 3RRR2SER4ZZZPBS FM2XX and Radio Adelaide. They’ve also received support from blogs CVLT Nation (USA), Hysteria MagazineHEAVY MagThe AU ReviewThe MusicBackseat Mafia (UK), Milky and The Soundcheck, with both accompanying video clips being added to the ABC’s Rage and ‘MASSIVE CHECKS’ being featured as their esteemed Wild One of the week.

‘OK BOOMER’ is available worldwide now

EP Track Listing:




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