Paces Releases ‘Butterflies’

by the partae

It’s release day on a brand new Paces track & if you’ve followed his career for the past 9 years you might have noticed something different. Gone are the tropical percs and the carefree bops, making way to a more edgy tone, mixing modern punk, glitchy electronica and hyper-pop. Mikey is now more “mic-y” than ever, volunteering himself for vocal duties on what is seemingly a string of deeply personal tales.

 Following up from the hyper-punk ballad Adrift, the new track from Paces, Butterflies is an affirmation of style and story. Leading with muted power-chords and a sub heavy electronic beat, Paces prays for “…the souls of the butterflies as they hit my windshield.”

 Speaking of the moments that inspired the track, Paces says “…when I was adjusting to life as a single dad there were butterflies absolutely everywhere in my town. For about three or four weeks it was just like a huge swarm had engulfed the area, it was really cool! It was also really uncool when I was driving home from dropping my son off for the first time and hundreds of butterflies were just slamming into my windshield and dying. A mix of emotions I won’t soon forget.” From infamously joyous festival sets to a string of life changing events, the once carefree party merchant is now sharing with us his most intimate struggles. Music is taking on a new meaning for Paces with not just a sonic transformation but a rebuilding of purpose. After years of production and performance a new passion for songwriting, as a form of catharsis, has emerged. “I wrote this song in an attempt to capture the chaotic freefall I was experiencing at the time.” Progressing the personal revelations and the journey that began with Adrift.


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