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Joining the chorus of those who are battling against the politics surrounding the world’s climate change issue, Sydney’s Pop/R&B princess, Taylor B-W, has unveiled her latest, dramatic pop ballad, ‘Last Child.’ Having just released her well-received debut EP, BTW TBW (with already 300,000+ overall Spotify streams in its first month), and preparing to embark on her first Regional NSW tour this October, B-W wants to continue the momentum and present her listeners with a vision very close to her heart. The single release is also accompanied by an epic music video, directed by filmmaker Natasha Sebire

In 2016, B-W travelled to Africa to volunteer at wildlife conservations. Returning home with a new understanding and awareness, B-W decided to study zookeeping (a little-known fact about Taylor B-W is that she is, in fact, a qualified zookeeper!) in 2017. B-W’s passion for conservation was further ignited as she woke up to the unnerving climate emergency around the world. Global warming is increasing rapidly and animal species are becoming alarmingly endangered as a result. 

The major catalyst for ‘Last Child’ was after a significant moment in Jan 2017, when ‘someone’ became President of a major first world country… and this President did not believe in climate change. Being enraged by the overall political ignorance of our climate crisis, Taylor B-W penned ‘Last Child’. 

I wrote ‘Last Child’ with tears in my eyes. Never had I written with such a stream of consciousness, the words just poured out of me. I was mad, I was hurt, and, without trying to sound too mystical, I was empathetic to Mother Earth’s cry for help. I thought of trees, rivers, icecaps, mountains, animals etc as Mother Earth’s children, trying to wash away the harmful impact that the human world has made.’ 

Working with ARIA award-winning producer, Peter Holz (Gang Of Youths, Peking Duk, Vance Joy), B-W was able to create a soundscape of epic proportions, reminiscent of big ballads like Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’, Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ or Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’, and inspired by sounds of the natural world, all of which reflect B-W’s sadness whilst also embracing a resounding hopeful theme for the future. 

I wanted to create a song that sounds like the calm before the storm, and the storm itself! But I also wanted to showcase my optimism for the future. My generation and beyond have been so enthusiastic and vocal about what needs to be done and one can only hope that this will continue to encourage and inspire the rest to push for the same goals. Because that storm, that fire, that flood is, and will keep happening as long as we continue to live, and treat the Earth this way.” 

B-W wanted visuals to match such a grandiose song, so she approached adventure filmmaker, Natasha Sebire (also an avid abseiler and rock-climber) for the music video. B-W and Sebire envisioned a very simple concept: the natural world vs the man-made world, shot on a monumental scale. Using Sebire’s own Blue Mountains backyard as the backdrop (a region that was heavily impacted by 

the disastrous 2020 bushires), B-W and a skeletal crew hiked and climbed their way through various locations to find the perfect shots that depicted two vastly different looking environments: static shots of hard, empty structures representing the cold and stark human world vs movement shots with dynamic, colourful and vast landscapes to represent the beauty of the natural world. All while B-W, our lonely protagonist, sweeps through each setting, sorrowfully looking at the scary contrasts of our world. 

Hoping to make an impact, no matter how small, B-W releases ‘Last Child’ as her impassioned plea for change on October 6th.


Propulsive stuff from Taylor. It’s an effective dance/pop hybrid.” 

Triple J, Dave Ruby Howe (‘In Ur Net’, 2022) 

She has quickly established her penchant for crafting tracks that feel simultaneously dynamic and well thought-out; they’re always bursting at the seams with explosive energy, but never sacrifice musical acumen.” 

Happy Magazine 

Taylor B-W is combining modern electro-pop influences with the nostalgia of ’90s hip hop and R&B to create bouncy, playful tunes that speak to you on both a physical and emotional level” 

Like Velvet, Rebecca Costanzo 


Thu 6th October @ The Potting Shed, Alexandria 

Sat 8th October @ The Snug Bar, Gymea 


(funded by Create NSW) 

Thu 13th October @ Sideway Bar, Canberra 

Fri 14th October @ Que Wagga, Wagga Wagga Wed 19th October @ The Joker & Thief, Terrigal Sat 22nd October @ The Victoria, Bathurst 


Sun 23rd October @ Bootleggers, Katoomba Fri 28th October @ 130 Art Studios, Wollongong Sun 30th October @ Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle 

‘Last Child’ is out now!

Official music video for ‘Last Child’


Ticket links to her Regional NSW tour are here: https://ffm.live/rzoroj7


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