The Money War Return With Uplifting New Gem ‘Somebody Loves You’

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Previous Support For The Money War

‘Somebody Loves You’ – First Play on Double J Mornings

‘Somebody Loves You’ Added to Spotify’s Alt Here and Apple Music’s New Music Daily

‘Blood’ added to Double J Rotation

‘Miles Away’ Added to Spotify’s New Music Friday, The Local List, Broad Chords, The Streets of Your Town and The Office Stereo

“[‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’] exudes a level of positivity, hope, and love that is needed more than ever in 2020.”
(Rolling Stone AU)

“If you’ve been paying attention to the world of Australian music over the last few years, then the chances are good you’ve heard of WA duo The Money War.” 
(Tone Deaf)

“It’s a moment of beauty that captures the duo and the passion and emotions that goes into the project and its songwriting.”
(Pilerats) [About ‘Lifetime’]

“Gorgeous romantic and elegant song writing.”
(Zan Rowe, Double J)

“I’ve got so much time for this band and how can you deny this optimistic, hopeful warmth. It’s faith and trust is contagious, love it!”
4.5 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“Are you two kidding me with this pop pureness? An instant charmer that I’m gonna be humming all week.”
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

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It’s something that we can easily lose sight of, but WA indie-pop songwriting duo The Money War are here to remind us all of an important truth with their beautifully special new song, ‘Somebody Loves You’, coming out on Nov 11.

The Money War is the musical and romantic partnership of Carmen Pepper and Dylan Ollivierre. Making music together since 2016, the BMG/Mirror Publishing-signed pair have toured with none other than Meg Mac, Dope Lemon, Holy Holy and were handpicked by Neil Finn to open for his shows. In addition to playing local festival FOTSUN, they’ve also crossed the seas for the eponymous SXSW, BIGSOUND and Southbound Festival. They’ve received a stack of nominations along the way, most notably having debut album ‘Home’ up for the Australian Music Prize.

With two albums, and three EP’s under their belts after the release of ‘Blood’ EP in 2021, Pepper and Ollivierre continue to add their ever-growing catalogue of music. They now share the important message found on ‘Somebody Loves You’.

The track’s uplifting melody melts with sincerity from the very first taste. Generously encompassing the undeniable force of love, ‘Somebody Loves You’ is yet another gem that affirms their knack for songwriting, with the Midas touch afforded by the chemistry of their pairing. It’s an instant classic that will leave listeners floating into the ether, or perhaps into the arms of somebody that loves them.

The Money War elaborate on where this song began.

“The song came about after I’d been pondering how interconnected everyone and everything is. Such an obvious realisation, like the fact that everyone is a child to someone, can weirdly be so mind blowing when you’ve been stuck in your own tiny world.” Dylan Ollivierre says, with Carmen Pepper adding:
“I guess the overall message is one of reassurance – that we should try and see the big picture even when we feel somewhat alone or insignificant.” Carmen

Weaving their musical prowess wherever they go, the band have received rave reviews from Tone Deaf, Rolling Stone AU, Blunt Mag, NME, TheMusic AU and much more. They’ve also seen ongoing support from Triple J, Double J, Triple J Unearthed  BBC6, KCRW, NPR, RTRFM, FBi, 4ZZZ, Double J, plus their track ‘Recall’ was Triple J’s 5th most played song in its year of release. Add to that their various playlist popularity and millions of streams on digital platforms – there’s no doubt that The Money War are doing something right.

Feel your heart burst when ‘Somebody Loves You’ is released on November 11 care of the ever-talented duo, The Money War.

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