Sam Marks – Drift Out With New Single ‘Wash Over Me’ (Out Now)

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Previous Support for Sam Marks

‘Tend To Yourself’ Premiered via Triple J

‘Tend To Yourself’ Music Video added to MTV Upload

‘Vagabond’ added to Apple Music’s The New Rock

“This track makes me wanna go ahhhhh. It fills with great sound – those guitars are great and I love that slight rasp in your voice Sam.”
4 / 5 Stars 
(Claire Mooney, Triple J)

“Sam has me suddenly transported from my home to the open road in the middle of nowhere, just flying down the highway on my way to nowhere. Bring it on!”
4 / 5 Stars (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“Eventide has this anthemic sound that takes to my mind to a place that has a sea of faces crowded together in a mosh yelling the chorus up into the air.”
4 / 5 Stars (Nkechi Anele, Triple J)

“Eventide is awash with reverb guitars, with his warm upbeat vocals and sweet harmonies chiming in to keep this tune ripping along.”
(AU Review) [About ‘Eventide’]

Dabbling in a variety of genres and sonic textures, Sam Marks makes music underpinned by his emotive and musical depth, and a distinctively husky voice. The Sydney/ Gadigal artist is making a return with the hazy indie-rock single ‘Wash Over Me’ out Nov 11.

The indie-rock artist has been busy making waves since his first release in 2020, despite a couple of postponed plans. With four singles under his belt so far, he has time and time again carved out laid-back, feel-good tunes and has pieced together another one to add to the mix with the help of producer Callum Howell (Ocean Alley, Le Shiv, The Rions).

On Sam Marks’ fifth release, we drift out with fuzzed-out riffs and a goosebump-inspiring chorus. Swaying to a bluesy pace and bursting with raw sincerity, ‘Wash Over Me’ climbs higher with a truly epic guitar solo, amplifying the singer’s gorgeous vocals to the nth degree.

‘Wash Over Me’ encapsulates a feeling the musician has carried throughout his life, as he reveals:

“I often feel disconnected or detached from reality, moving in a strange and distant motion, like common reality is far ahead and I’m unable to catch up. I’ve used lyrics and metaphor as an evocative tool to build feeling and colour that relates to my experiences.”

Sam Marks has clocked up over 62,000+ streams and seen support by Triple J, Double J, Triple J Unearthed, Scenestr, MILKY, The Music, Aus Music Scene, MTV, The AU Review, among many others, and inevitably many more to come.

The powerful new single ‘Wash Over Me’ from the dynamic Sam Marks takes flight on Nov 11. Then, catch Sam Marks performing at Sunset Festival on December 3 with headliners including Allday, The Grograns and more.

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