Australian Metalcore Outfit Throwaway Deliver Their Sophomore EP ‘Weight’

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“Getting To Me illustrates the breaking point; the pent-up pressure boiling to burst; the eruption of emotion over a situation you can’t sleep off.”
(HEAVY MAG) [About ‘Getting To Me’]

“Getting To Me hits home early with it’s thick and rich prog sound, ripping guitar work meet slamming drums and a huge anthemic vocal delivery.”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Getting To Me’] 

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Adelaide/Tarndanya-based alt-rock/metalcore outfit Throwaway are back with their sophomore EP–‘Weight’ out November 11.

Since the inception of Throwaway in 2015, the trio has gained a cult following in the Adelaide alternative scene. Independently releasing an EP, an album and a handful of singles, Throwaway are back with their greatest work yet on their sophomore EP ‘Weight’. Consisting of Zak Kerrison, Adrian Emili and Bailey O’Brien, the three-piece utilises complex time signatures and unusual song structures to create a signature push and pull to their modern metalcore sound.

The EP opens with the delayed guitar lines and energetic drums that you expect from Throwaway. When you’re pushed under and worked to your limits, ‘Pressure’ is the anthemic alt-rock song that drives you to turn that pressure into motivation and breakthrough your struggles.

The second track, ‘Bad Vibes’, was written about a friend who’s falling down a dark path of internet-fueled lies, conspiratorial media and hate. ‘Bad Vibes’ is a metalcore mosh-piece filled with huge breakdowns and chugging guitars, discussing the self-destruction and alienation associated with influential lies propagated on the internet.

Next up is Throwaway’s recent lead single, ‘Getting To Me’; illustrating the breaking point of obsessing over a situation outside of your control.

Opening the second half of the EP is ‘Denied’, the love child of Bring Me The Horizon and In Hearts Wake’s debut album–a fury of metalcore breakdowns with a chilling electronic undertone. Exploring the decline in privacy on the internet, ‘Denied’ is a plea for others to recognise the power behind multinationals and the information they have on your purchases, habits and daily activities in the modern ‘Big Brother’ world.

Throwaway turned it up a notch for their other single, ‘Crisis’; a track the band describes as a completely balls-to-the-wall, pedal-to-the-metal heavy song.

The EP then ends ‘Weight’ on a low note with ‘Gone Too Soon’, a moody journal entry about losing a close friend to suicide. As a memoir reflecting on the past, ‘Gone Too Soon’ asks the question, ‘What else could I have done?’ Throwaway portrays the thoughtfulness and emotion behind this track bringing a fitting ending to their sophomore EP.

Exploring digital privacy, conspiracy theories spread on social media and the mental health pandemic, Throwaway has crafted a metalcore EP fitting to the booming Adelaide/Tarndanya alternative scene. ‘Weight’ is about taking the learned experiences behind life’s traumas and turning them into something that brings you strength and power to better yourself and help others around you.

Throwaway discusses the themes behind their new EP:

“As the title suggests this EP revolves around the theme of “Weight”, with each of the songs exploring a different feeling associated with weight. 

‘Crisis’ is about the state of the world and how quickly everything can come undone due to one small decision. The weight of the world can really be in one person’s hands, where ‘Bad Vibes’ is more about social standards and the weight of other people’s opinions. ‘Pressure’ steps into the feeling of standards being set that feel unachievable, but not giving in to the voices telling you to give up. ‘Gone Too Soon’ is all about the impact the loss of a loved one has on a person, a very heavy feeling that everyone has experienced at some point in their life.

Throughout the entire listening experience ‘Weight’ has to offer, there’s at least one song that everyone can relate to.”

Throwaway have found media support in HEAVY Mag, AAA Backstage and Loud Mag as well as becoming playlisted on Australian Music SceneAdelaide Heavy Scene and Tuna Tuesday. Their song, ‘Thrown Off Track’ found over 40,000 streams on Spotify, with the band going on to win the Adelaide Uni People’s Choice Award twice in 2018.

Take a step back and weigh the importance of every decision when ‘Weight’ drops on November 11.

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