Karen Harding’s ‘Stranger On A Pedestal’ Captures Human Flaws

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Karen Harding’s ‘Stranger On A Pedestal’ Captures Human Flaws

Karen Harding’s ‘Stranger On A Pedestal’ Captures the Essence of Realising Human Flaws


Melbourne, Australia based  singer-songwriter, Karen Harding is preparing to share her moving new single titled, “Stranger On A Pedestal,” beautifully expressive in an acoustic number that sees her pondering the intricacy of admiration and the existence of imperfections within ourselves. This single will be accessible across all major streaming platforms from Friday, 28th June 2024.

“Stranger On A Pedestal” speaks to the point when the person you have admired from a distance becomes an actual, flawed human being. Her hauntingly beautiful vocals combine with a simple yet evocative acoustic guitar arrangement to make real the bittersweet realisation that filled our idols, too, are just people. Her self-produced number, combined with Gabb Matos’ stunning acoustic guitar work is an ideal foil for closing Karen’s introspective lyrics.

In May 2021, Karen Harding burst onto the vibrant music scene in Melbourne with her first single, “I Didn’t Realise,” since then, she’s been evolving her sound and working with creatives from all over the world. Her music, leading fans on a never-ending journey of emotional depth and lyrical honesty, has won her a committed following and critical acclaim.

Other recent accolades for Karen include winning the 2021 Bendigo Bank-sponsored Radio Eastern Songwriter Talent Show and being named a Top Ten Winner at the World Songwriting Awards in September 2021. She was also nominated for Best International Artist at the Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards in February 2022, underlining her growing influence and connection with global audiences.

“I wanted to get across that lightbulb moment when you finally see somebody for who they are, outside of the pedestal you’ve given them,” Karen shares. “It’s all about realising the beauty and vulnerability in our shared human experience.”

With “Stranger on a Pedestal,” Karen Harding has again delivered brilliance by unravelling the codes dripping with human emotion intricacies. Her introspective lyrics and unique musical sound get listeners under a spell of self-discovery and realisation.

About Karen Harding

Karen Harding is an established singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. With touching lyrics and soulful melodies, Karen has become a inspiring figure in the music scene since her debut performance in 2021. Her music is all about self-finding, love, and human connection, which many people around the globe can relate to. Her accolades and collaborations with international artists show her versatility and dedication.


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