JOVI SKYLER releases new single and visual ‘EVERGREEN’

by the partae

Punk, alternative rock with an early ’90s spirit and a twist of psychedelia. 

Jovi Skyler is a Sydneysider punk-rocker singer-songwriter and DIY music video maker.

““Evergreen” is a two minute punk song that deals with being in a tumultuous relationship and how it can drain you with its ups and downs. ”  – Jovi Skyler

Jovi Skyler makes music that is driven, passionate, and packs a powerful punch. It has the energy and growl of grunge, as well as the playful punk middle finger to the mainstream sound and lack of creative freedom. ”- Yack Magazine!  

“Uncompromisingly angsty and electrifying.” – Hysteria Mag  

Jovi Skyler is a Sydneysider punk-rocker singer-songwriter and DIY music video maker. Skyler has dedicated many years to his craft as a songwriter since picking up the guitar. Having studied at the Conservatorium of Music for a spell before dropping out, he proceeded to live abroad in Europe for over two years gigging under various monikers as a staunch soloist playing only original songs unplugged in cafes, bars and other venues. It was during this time that Jovi’s consistent exposure to entertainment hubs fermented his creative fervour and desire to focus a light on the dynamics of heady distractions.

Jovi Skyler’s self-titled debut EP released at the start of the global pandemic. A distorted jaunt of twisted post-grunge structures and incisive takes on the surrounding world. Its second single “We Went to the Zoo” received extensive support on US college radio and support throughout Australia’s Community Radio Network and some international radio stations in Japan, Germany, Canada, and the UK.

In 2021, the release of “Danger Land” and “Tattoos” were hailed by tastemakers and fans alike. The tracks honed Jovi’s ability to craft his own psychedelic music videos with a DIY ethic during the lockdowns in Sydney. It also shifted Skyler’s focus towards some of the real issues that people are dealing with.

Off the back of his well-received singles “Got It Wrong” and “Never Wanted.” Jovi Skyler is set to release his sophomore EP, sometime early next year, alongside it a new single and DIY music video.

Armed with a full tank of socio-cultural observations, Jovi and his guitar are primed to go, guaranteed to get you grooving with its wild and rebellious swagger.

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