jnr. delivers stadium-ready pop with his latest single ‘Say (Light Me Up)’

by the partae

“I really love when it explodes in that colourful, wonky, fuzzy chorus” Declan Byrne, Triple J

“One of Sydney’s most interesting singers, songwriters and producers” Empire of Lounge

Returning with his second self-produced release, jnr. shows that he can deliver stadium-sized pop that stands its own alongside the chart-toppers. The emerging Sydney artist is doing it all on his own with his new single “Say (Light Me Up)” – a song for speaking your truth before it’s too late. The song will be accompanied by a sunrise visualiser shot on Super 8 Film by frequent collaborator Zoë Dubuc and Myles Carroll.

jnr.‘s lyrics always delve into the complexities of friendships and relationships, this release being his most vulnerable yet. They talk about true events of a relationship where your partner is hiding the truth, and how that secret tears them further apart. The song features soft synths and 80’s drums under an impassioned vocal and ear worm hook. It’s a bright and bubbly song fit for rolling down. the windows on a summer afternoon and screaming every word.

jnr. is a newcomer to the pop scene – only releasing his first single, ‘Remember’ in March this year. But he has been behind the scenes producing and toplining for some of Sydney’s best up-and-comers (Corrj, JËVA and ANGE to name a few). His sophomore solo release, ‘A Friend’ showed a stylistic change and proved this emerging artist has a diversity to his music unmatched in the current musical landscape. Fans of The 1975, LANY might find a stylistic similarity, but you can hear influence from RnB, trap, punk and ambient music that create the amalgamation that is jnr.


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Triple J Unearthed: www.abc.net.au/triplejunearthed/artist/jnrfullstop

 Website: www.jnrfullstop.com

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