Sam Hunter -Releases ‘Testing The Waters’ Ft Jhelisa

by the partae
Testing The Waters came to fruition in the initial studio session in June 2022 with Sam Hunter’s producer, Delipres and up and coming singer song writer Jhelisa. Prior to this session Sam and Delipres had written and produced an album + 9 singles since 2020,focussing on their rapport as well workflow in the studio since beginning their collaborative journey.They both agreed they wanted to bring out a new sound with a female vocalist which is when the Universe provided the opportunity to meet Jhelisa…this happened spontaneously via social media when Jhelisa reached out to Sam asking if she could collaborate.Fast Forward to first studio session, the 3 Sydney locals had a brief discussion on workflow and how the creative process would look. Turns out, it was same wavelength territory and the team quickly realised they had cohesive energy creatively as well as seeing eye to eye on many ideas. 

Creating the single derived from Delipress ability to play piano and other instruments definitely influenced the songs genesis! Before they knew it the bare bones of the song had a funky groove and wicked bassline that automatically pricked up Sam’s ears. After Having a thematically orientated conversation about the record, Jhelisa and Sam started writing their parts (Jhelisa = Hook/Bridge) (Sam = Verses/harmonies/bridge). The idea of Summer Love’ had fallen into the writing schemes of the pair and very quickly became apparent that this was a ‘Seasonal Love’ type feel whilst the music represents the glow of Spring/Summer, the pair agreed that their current emotional states and experiences led to writing what we now know to be ‘Test The Waters’.You know, when we first meet that special someone, emotions tend get the better of us,however a logical assessment of the interactional growth of the relationship will lead us on the journey of ‘Testing The Waters’.

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