Introducing Wedance (위댄스) with anthemic pop feel-gooder ‘Ironism’ lifted from their 2020 LP Dance Pop + upcoming ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’ digital Australian tour

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Introducing Wedance (위댄스) with anthemic pop feel-gooder ‘Ironism’ lifted from their 2020 LP Dance Pop + upcoming ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’ digital Australian tour

In the age of the anthropocene, where humankind reigns but humanity is scarce – an electro power pop duo from Korea seek to dismantle the self-serving psyche and conjure a joyous community of impenetrable, universal togetherness in its wake. Introducing Wedance (위댄스): a band, a statement, a warning. After releasing a treasure trove of glorious a-tonal, spasmodic pop bliss by way of 16 EPs and three full length albums since 2011, the beloved happiness conjurers are back with their latest LP Dance Pop featuring the certified banger, ‘Ironism’ (아이러니즘). To celebrate the release, Wedance are thrilled to announce that they will be heading to Australian palms, fingertips and screens of all sizes this October and November, in the country’s first ever national digital tour by a Korean artist.

Released in July 2020, Dance Pop is the outfit’s debut material to be available both physically and digitally, having previously offered all releases exclusively via small run CD pressings with mere handfuls only ever available to purchase at live shows. Thus, trying to collect the plethora of Wedance recordings is a feat in itself. This idea of a musical scavenger hunt, trying to piece together the entirety of an artist’s body of work in the age of digital and easily transmittable everything, greatly appeals to their fans. Now for the first time, Australian ears and audiences are finally able to delve into the wonderful world of Wedance, starting with the pied piper anthem of indie strangeness, ‘Ironism’.

“A poet of our time walks down the road. Even though the poet tries to walk with a clear mind, it doesn’t work. The ironies that are to be seen everywhere constantly irritate and simmer away until they eventually burst out in fury. Finally, the poet opens a notebook and writes down a new word “Ironism.” The ironic landscapes of the city, which used to confuse us became more vivid and clearer when we decided the name of the song would be ‘Ironism’” – Wedance (위댄스)

Dancing their way to Australian devices this spring, Wedance will bring their unprecedented energy, charisma and penchant for all things fashion to our virtual shores for four special performances across the country. Having previously performed in Australia at the 2016 Aus Asia Festival and the 2018 Bigsound Festival, as well as multiple Festival appearances throughout Asia and the world including Fuji Rock, Primavera Sound, Nuits Sonores, Bug Sounds, Baybeats and more, their upcoming virtual tour is not one to miss. This October, join Wedance for a run of online dance parties to end all dance parties as they take on Bigsound, Isol-Aid and The Tivoli, beckoning all to join in on the alt-bacchanal. Be sure to pack your dance shoes!

Wedance ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’ Digital Tour Dates
Dancing On The Farm Showcase & Q&A
Wednesday 21 / Thursday 22 October
Showcase time: TBA

Isol-Aid Festival
Saturday 31 October
Performance time: TBA

Open Session Program at The Tivoli – Supporting Jaguar Jonze
Friday 20 November
Doors 7.00pm
Starts 8.00pm
Tickets $35 for cabaret style show via

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