ADRIANNE LENKER Shares new single ‘dragon eyes’ New albums songs and instrumentals out 23 October

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ADRIANNE LENKER Shares new single 'dragon eyes' New albums songs and instrumentals out 23 October

Praise for ‘anything’

“Her melodies are so gorgeous, her voice so small and unassuming, it can be jarring to peer through the galaxy-like sweep of her fingerpicking and discover a glint of menace in her half-obscured lyrics.” – Pitchfork, Best New Track

“Tucked away in the Berkshires, Adrianne Lenker spent the summer writing and recording two whole records. As the light at the end of the tunnel drifts further and further away, ‘anything’ stays locked on the idea of true connection.” – The FADER

“lovely and delicate” – Uproxx

“Lenker’s lyrics lay out sketches of dog attacks and ER trips… ‘Anything’ is the kind of love song that makes room for ridiculous complications like those. It’s the real kind.” – Stereogum

Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker will release two new albums, songs and instrumentals, on Friday 23 October. Today, she shares a new single, ‘dragon eyes’, which follows lead single ‘anything’.

Throughout ‘dragon eyes’Lenker’s sweet voice moves over guitar like wind rustling through autumn leaves. Her lyrics refer to tangible feelings – hot sand, cold air, and cool hands – and more mystical images – a “dragon with silent eyes.” Each stanza ends with a differing refrain that’s as pleading as Lenker’s vocal inflections: “I just want a place with you // I just want a place.”

songs and instrumentals are two distinct collections, both written and recorded in April after Big Thief’s March tour was abruptly cut short due to coronavirus. After returning to the US from Europe, Lenker decamped to a one room cabin in the mountains of western Massachusetts. “I grew really connected to the space itself,” says Lenker“The one room cabin felt like the inside of an acoustic guitar — it was such a joy to hear the notes reverberate in the space.” With a hankering to capture the feel of the space, Lenker enlisted the help of engineer Philip Weinrobe, gathering a mass of tape machines, a binaural head, and a pile of XLR cables. While songs represents more lyrical and traditional songwriting, instrumentals sees Lenker stretching out and exploring the space in two longer instrumental pieces.

The vinyl recording is 100% analog-analog-analog (AAA). No digital process was used in the production of this sound recording. Weinrobe describes the process in more detail: “Not only does this process allow for a very specific type of sonic experience to come alive, but the process also dictates how we work. The fine-toothed editing and micro adjustments that every modern record relies on are not available. The computer screen is not glowing while the music is being recorded. The entire workflow becomes a part of the music in a way that is simply not possible when working in digital audio. AAA is a very labour and resource intensive process and it has a wide array of limitations compared to digital record making, but there is no other way we could have achieved both the capture and delivery of this music without it.”

The albums’ stunning covers are watercolour paintings by Adrianne’s grandmother, Diane Leesongs and instrumentals will be packaged together on double LP, CD and cassette.

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Adrianne Lenker – songs and instrumentals are out Friday 23 October via 4AD / Remote Control Records. 
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