by the partae

Where are you currently based?

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

What’s been happening recently and how has your Covid experience been so far?

Been keeping fairly quiet and just working on music if I’m honest. This whole experience has taught me a lot about myself and the world around me. Ultimately it has taught me not to take the small blessings in life for granted and to be grateful for what you have.

How did you first start playing music?

I was introduced to DJ decks at the age of 13 at a local ice rink (where they had a DJ booth) and after making a few song requests the DJ took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. I instantly got hooked as I was already a music enthusiast but this was a proper way to express my musical taste. I downloaded PCDJ software from age 13 then upgraded to a CDJ set up when I was 16 and the rest is history!

Your new EP ‘Be Free’ will be out on October 16 2020, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

The main message behind this release comes from the name of the lead track “Be Free” and its pretty self explanatory. I feel like we all go through life searching for opportunities to set ourselves free, and I always get this feeling with music. So I just hope that when people listen they can take themselves to a happy place and have a wee two step while they are at it.

How did you go about writing the music?

I typically just get an idea in my head and need to load up Ableton as quickly as possible. I take a lot of inspiration from other music that resonates with me and try factor that same feel into my own music. Funny story with the lead track, the vocals is actually me and my mate Olly. I had made the beat and knew it needed some sort of vocal, and that was the first phrase that came to me. So I set up the microphone and we just hit record.

Where and when did you record/produce?

I started most of the tracks in my bedroom studio, but I finished the tracks & also mixed them down at Pirate Studios in Glasgow. Shout out to Pirate as their facilities are fantastic for young musicians and they are always brilliant to deal with. I love being at those studios I always feel at home with all the other music being played throughout the studio.

What programs/instruments did you use?

Ableton is the DAW I use for production and I have a whole host of VSTs that I use, I don’t stick to the same VST or preset I typically change it up on every record. I also use Native Instruments Maschine a lot for drums.

How did you approach the record and production process?

Once I had 3 solid ideas down that I knew would be right for an EP I just dropped every other project and gave them 3 records my full attention. Forced myself not to open up any other project or get side tracked and just spent anytime in the studio getting these 3 tracks totally finished. This can be challenging as it’s very easy to get bored of listening to your own record after 100 or so plays haha.

What did you find most challenging/rewarding through the creative process?

As stated it can be challenging only focusing on one thing, when you’ve got a creative brain it typically runs away from you on to the next idea. Either I start a project and am so focused I finish it there and then or I take it to a certain point and then leave it and revisit it with a fresh pair of ears at a later stage. But the rewarding part of keeping my attention on this EP was getting to sit back and hit play on the final results. I typically premier my records to my mates first and watch for their reactions, that’s always rewarding.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m actually listening to a lot more hip hop at the moment. Mostly 2pac. Most people may perceive me as just a dance music head, which really is not the case. I love dance music and always will however I am a music lover first. I have such an open mind when it comes to music and I just like what touches my soul. So of late I have really been enjoying some 2pac, I feel that I can really understand the emotion he is conveying through the music and his lyrics. I go through stages where I only listen to dance music but I typically have little breaks from that and check out other music! A few honourable mentions from my Spotify most played are; Juan Atkins – Track Ten, Yeah But No – Run Run Run (Adam Port Remix), and Scuba – Never Forget.

What do you like to do away from music?

I mean I’m pretty much a music geek 24/7 but when I’m not working on or listening to music I really enjoy getting out into nature or researching stuff that I’m big into like cosmology. Also I listen to a lot of podcasts, watch a lot of documentaries and now make a lot of time for meditation.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2020 going into 2021?

So the plan is really to keep working on more and more music! Also I constantly dig for music and am always on the hunt for more. I guess keeping a constant flow of inspiration is really important for me. I have a lot of faith for the world in 2021 and am praying for the clubbing industry to make a big return. It would be awesome to hear one of my tracks on a dance floor.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I love Asian food, when I was younger I was extremely fussy with food and as I’ve got older my pallet has managed to catch up a bit, I like spice but it also needs to be bursting with flavour. Favourite place to hangout… I mean before all of this madness started I would be out all the time. I love Glasgow city centre always so colourful and vibrant and always a laugh to be had. Favourite place to hang is probably the Hillhead book club, it’s just nice vibes in there. You could go on a busy night or a quiet night and still have a class time, it’s also a spread out space so plenty room for people to get comfy and relax. They do a good strawberry mojito as well by the way!

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