Oshua EP: Everything Can Levitate

by the partae

Everything Can Levitate – Perth-based Oshua’s debut EP spanning 3 years of sonic self-discovery elevates new-wave hip hop to new heights.

Oshua dishes up 8 tracks reminiscent of his underground music upbringing, but with a distinct polish and quality with potential for total domination. Painting a musical landscape that welcomes you with open arms without sacrificing any of the hard hitting, combat ready energy he’s become known for. It’s no surprise whatsoever that hip-hop legends Young Thug and Denzel Curry have both co-signed Oshua in the last 12 months.

Oshua embodies the internet culture he found his music in, with staggering international streaming success despite having 0 projects under his belt. Since releasing his first track on Spotify just 2 years ago, he’s racked up over 3 million streams with a growing devoted fanbase, pushing 100k monthly listeners.

Born in Canada, raised in South Africa, and based in Australia, Oshua grounds his music and his sound in the concept of not being grounded at all – of levitating. That in itself speaks volumes to Oshua’s creative process and the base for his musical journey. Everything Can Levitate is the product of online discovery and collaborations with people all over the world, originating from a Discord Server during covid lockdowns.

“I started learning music online as a way to pass time during COVID quarantine. I learnt everything through Discord from people all around the world… we’d stay up all night and day and we all had pretty much just started making music. That same discord server is where I found my sound as an artist and it’s still going today with the same people.”

Breaking down barriers that might otherwise exist, this format allows for a sound that is wholly unique, while borrowing energy from anything and everything.

Following heavy editorial attention from Spotify & Apple Music and recent nods from radio tastemakers triple J, plus winning the prestigious Triple J x NIDA music video competition for his single Veins, this debut EP has all the elements to springboard his success.

Whatever the 2023 version of Soundcloud rap is, Oshua has nailed it and then some. Layer that with production, polish and quality beyond his years, ECL harnesses the energetic culture of the scene and delivers it on a silver platter.



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