Chiara Dubey & Robot Koch & Foam and Sand “Spirit Guide”

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Chiara Dubey & Robot Koch & Foam and Sand "Spirit Guide"

Spirit Guide: Rising star Chiara Dubey is set to release the third single “Spirit Guide” from her highly anticipated upcoming album “CHANDANI”, a mesmerizing collaboration with award-winning artist and composer Robot Koch, featuring his ambient project Foam and Sand. This single promises to be an enchanting blend of ethereal vocals and immersive soundscapes, showcasing the unique talents of both artists.

Robot Koch, an acclaimed artist from Berlin now based in Los Angeles, has built an impressive career with a discography spanning numerous albums and over 100 million streams. Known for his innovative approach to electronic, ambient, and modern classical music, Koch’s compositions have graced movies, TV shows, and sold-out immersive AV experiences worldwide. His ambient project Foam and Sand further explores the delicate balance between science and spirituality, drawing comparisons to legendary ambient composers like Harold Budd and the serene, ecstatic sounds of early Sigur Rós.

Chiara Dubey has rapidly ascended in the music industry, captivating audiences with her distinctive sound since her debut album and signing with LIVANA MUSIC. Her widespread acclaim is evidenced by strong support from radio and TV stations across Europe and sold-out live performances at prestigious events such as Music On Ice and Isole Brissago. Dubey’s versatility is further showcased by her music’s inclusion in the Spanish indie movie “Un Amor”, along with prominent playlist placements on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, including NMF Switzerland, New Music Daily, and Do Not Disturb.

This latest single from “CHANDANI”, “Spirit Guide”, exemplifies Dubey’s enchanting musical style, harmoniously blending with Robot Koch’s transformative compositions. The track is poised to offer listeners an otherworldly experience, characterized by lush soundscapes and poignant melodies.

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