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Where are you currently based? We're currently based in sunny Brisbane and suspicious of anyone that bails to arguably better interstate music scenes, so it'll probably stay that way for now. How did you first start playing music? I'll be honest, I was only 50% interested in being in another guitar-based rock band and only went along for a jam but it was so good right from the start, it was love at first strum.   What's been happening recently and how has your Covid experience been so far? Apart from having some shows cancelled earlier in the year, we've been busy where we can, trading ideas though group chats, doing responsible video content and I think a rehearsal was booked the second day the studio was open. With restrictions lifting, we've been starting to get things rolling again, finally releasing the EP, merch etc Your new EP God Damn! is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting? I think that's pretty obvious, haha. One thing that we've been conscious of is making the tunes swing and not being too heavy or plodding. That's fine but there's enough of that round at the moment. We want booty-shakin' toe-tappers in our set. How did you go about writing the music? Everyone has a stockpile of riffs laying around, so it's just a case of bringing them to rehearsals and seeing what works. Sometimes things get re-worked a lot, change key, tempo etc. The opening riff for Coup de Grace was something I've had for years but that chorus was worked out on the spot by everyone and took about 10 minutes to come together. Where and when did you record/produce/master and who with? We recorded with Brock Weston at Bedlam Studios and got it mastered at Truth Studios. What programs/equipment did you use? I can't comment on the recording set-up. I should've paid more attention but I trusted Brock knew what he was doing and just focused on the guitar-playing. That was a Les Paul through the house amp. I'm not really a gear/tech guy; as long as it sounded good and had the energy, that's my main concern. What did you find most challenging and rewarding throughout the creation of the EP? It wasn't really that challenging because we were well-rehearsed and knew what we were doing heading in. I'd had a good idea of what I wanted for the guitars so I just went and did it. Reward-wise, hearing the songs without playing them was great and listening back to all the guitar ideas come together. But I think hearing the harmony vocals getting layered up was really great to hear as I've never been in a band that did anything like that before. What do you like to do away from music? Worry that I'm not doing enough music. Who are you listening to at the moment? Right now, Beastie Boys-Check Your Head. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of stuff that's not Void-related; Bohren and Der Club of Gore, Air, William Basinski, Ennio to keep a balance! Can't be all late 60s/early 70s rock. I suppose it can......   What's planned for the remainder of 2020 going into 2021? Got a couple of gigs lined up, release of the EP and a clip and already talking about going back to record. We've got a few new songs in the set ready to go, so always moving forward. Favourite food and place to hangout? Well, I'm the only non-vegetarian in the band so it's not very representative. That's a big question.....I do love a good wood-fired pizza. Favourite cuisine is probably French but Spanish and Italian goes pretty hard too...all the cheese...and now with all the burger joints around....can I just say I love food. The worse it is for my health or wallet, the better Favourite place to hang out is Junk Bar! Such a wonderful atmosphere, great staff, amazing drinks. Just an overall cool vibe. It's a shame that we're probably a bit loud for it but maybe we could re-arrange the set to something a bit more acoustic and stripped-back.

Vibrations From The Void are a Brisbane rock’n’roll band that fuses rock with even more rock with danceable grooves for an infectious good time. Hailing from the humid depths of the sunlight-soaked Brisbane, VFTV are set to release their debut EP, God Damn! on September 18th

Recorded by Brock Weston (Bugs, Regular Band, The Jensens) live at Bedlam Records their debut EP is 5 tracks of high-octane, caffeine-fuelled riffery, featuring new single “Margarita Maria“, “Resurrect My Mojo” and fan favourite “Coup de Grâce” which features the sing-a-long chorus to end all sing-a-long choruses.

The band (featuring Ryan Murr, Brendan Dawe, Peter Green and John Larney) formed out of the desire to play loud, frenetic, fun rock’n’roll and the energy they project to the audience when playing is listed on WHO’s 10 Most Contagious Diseases. A toe-tappin’, head-boppin’, booty-shakin’ party is almost certainly guaranteed, unless, of course, you don’t have a pulse. While a lot of the influences are old-school classics, VFTV’s commitment to fucking ripping it up keeps the music sounding as fresh as ever, while some outsider influences keep the reins in check from just being “one-of-those” bands.

Consistently filling up bar rooms (even before covid), they are the self proclaimed ‘aural equivalent of a freight train mounted air-raid siren adorned with disco balls with thunderous drums, thick AF bass-lines, chunkier-than-thou guitar and melodic vocal wails’. With live music thrown into disarray in 2020, VFTV spent the downtime writing a bunch of new tunes, taking care of business (ie merch) and making video clips for the EP’s release.

After several shows around Brisbane, including a sold out show at Bearded Lady, Vibrations From The Void are playing a few select shows to celebrate the EP wherever they can to however many people can fit in a room.

1 – Down With The Light On
2 – Coup de Grâce
3 – Resurrect My Mojo
4 – Blue Bird Yellow Moon
5 – Margarita Maria

Sunday 6th September | Blute’s Bar | Brisbane, QLD – FREE ENTRY
Friday 18th September | Banshees Bar & Artspace | Ipswich, QLD
Friday 2nd October | The Flamin’ Galah | Brisbane, QLD – FREE ENTRY


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