by the partae

“Big feeling in this track. Its got a Safia style grandiosity to it” Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed

“I’m liking when CASPIA goes large and sends you spinning with his dramatic pop Oomph” Declan Byrne, Triple J Unearthed

“ALONE is a shimmering and sultry slice of indie-electronic listening bliss.” Happy Mag

CASPIA follows up his debut single ‘Alone’ with his uplifting new song TRICK OF THE LIGHT. His distinctly intimate vocals and electronic sewn songwriting bare all, unveiling the power of collaboration. CASPIA is the solo project by Byron Bay based Multi-instrumentalist ANT BEARD from Caravãna Sun.

TRICK OF THE LIGHT was co-written/ produced by Eskimo Joe’s JOEL QUATERMAIN (Merci, Mercy, Meg Mac) and was written pre-lockdown in Melbourne FEB, 2020. Premiered on PILERATS, this song is already making waves as CASPIA makes it two from two.

“For me, TRICK OF THE LIGHT helped to reveal the parts of myself that have been conditioned. The more we observe how we become our own trick of the light, the more we can value our authentic self.” says CASPIA

CASPIA has gained global notoriety for his highly developed sense of control and restraint in his work, as well as a breath-taking level of emotion and personality in his performance.

 “The inspiration behind TRICK OF THE LIGHT was an observation of how others promote the best parts of themselves in order to fit in to society, to feel ‘good enough’. Although, as we finished up our writing session in a north Melbourne pub, scrawling lyrics on a napkin, we knew this song was about us. We shifted the lyrics from 3rd to 1st person and the song was finished”.

TRICK OF THE LIGHT is complemented by an intimate VIDEO produced by Cr38or, Renae Saxby & Caspia. It showcases Caspia’s true openness and desire to lead with honesty and transparency in a bid to truly connect.

“This incredibly creative experience truly highlighted the power of collaboration and how artists can come together to create something, greater than the sum of its parts. Capturing a raw performance to camera was paramount as we pushed past my perceived barriers and ended up positioning me well outside my comfort zone, yet somehow truly myself”.

Gaining huge momentum off the back of his debut single ALONE premiered by TheMusic.comwhich saw over 100k views in the first 2 weeks of release, TRICK OF THE LIGHT will feature on his upcoming E.P.,  set for release in mid November


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