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Following up from her debut single “He’s Not You”, Becky Rhodes is set to drop the second single, “Miss Me Yet?”, from her forthcoming EP Wonder. Hailing from  Brisbane, Becky completed a Bachelor of Music from the QLD Conservatorium of Music before relocating to Melbourne to further her career. Working as a musician, performer and vocalist on the Melbourne live music scene for the last few years, Becky is known for her powerhouse vocals & lively stage presence and works for some of Australia’s best entertainment agencies.

Two weeks prior to entering the studio to record her debut EP with Mark D’Angelo of The Backlot Studios, Becky had her relationship suddenly end. With no set idea on what material she’d be working on in the studio, this experience provided much of the inspiration for the new material. Displaying a sense of vulnerability in “He’s Not You”, the new single sees Becky take back the power with “Miss Me Yet?”, a track about regaining control over yourself. Becky explains, “A lot of the songs on the EP are about the sadness & heartbreak of ending a relationship but ‘Miss Me Yet’ isn’t one of them. This is a break up song about empowerment & feeling in control. To me, it’s a song about knowing your worth & if someone doesn’t want to be with you – they’re the one missing out. The song is a little bit sexy & a great mix of different genres: pop, rock, indie & country – and it just makes you feel good and want to have a bit of a boogie or a line dance.”

Becky has already had a charmed experience working within the music industry, travelling around Australia with various shows & bands and performing at The Sydney Opera House as a teenager. Now leading into the release of her debut EP, Becky reflects on what she wants listeners to gain from her songwriting. “Everyone has or will experience heartbreak from time to time. Whether that’s from a relationship or a friendship ending or losing a loved one – we can all relate to this theme. This EP has songs I wished I could have listened to during my own heartbreak. But it’s not all sad. There’s moments of happiness, reflection & moving on, so I want the listeners to be able to relate in their own way & mostly, enjoy my music.”

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