Billie Zizi’s ‘Levitate’: Soulful R&B Jazz Fusion Revival

by the partae
Billie Zizi's 'Levitate': Soulful R&B Jazz Fusion Revival

Billie Zizi seamlessly merges the timeless vibes of classic soul with contemporary R&B, infusing avant-garde jazz into her guitar-driven melodies for a sound that’s both accessible and boldly experimental. With a background shaped by her travels through Eastern Europe, Billie Zizi embarked on a journey as a solo artist, crafting tightly arranged loops and sampled parts before evolving into full-fledged albums. Her debut LP, ‘Gun Metal Dress’ (2015), showcased jazz-inflected tracks marked by unconventional time signatures and scat-inspired vocals, while ‘Moon Of Honey’ (2016) revealed a growing confidence in risk-taking while maintaining a sharp pop sensibility.

After a brief hiatus, Zizi returns triumphantly with her latest endeavor, ‘Levitate’ (set for release in October 2024). Backed by her distinctive sound, the album navigates familiar terrain with fresh perspectives. With Austin Parachoniak’s astute production, ‘Levitate’ weaves through kaleidoscopic sonic landscapes, highlighting Billie Zizi’s masterful vocals and poetic lyricism. From the ethereal charm of ‘Midnight Sun’ to the whimsical cadences of ‘Hope’, the album delights with its playful yet profound approach. Through intricate arrangements and thoughtful nostalgia, Zizi’s dedication to growth and creativity shines, making ‘Levitate’ a captivating testament to her evolving artistry.

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