Anya Anastasia Aims To Inspire A Brighter Future With Debut EP ‘Dissenter’

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“Losing Wild is a very impressive way to debut Anya’s sound, it’s soft and smooth in delivery however holds a certain level of power with it’s darker tones.” (AAA Backstage)

“The yearning in Anya’s vocals also draws you in with an eerie, bewitching charm that envelops the senses.” (Scenestr)

“Taking a bold approach to art-rock, ‘Spinning Heads’ balances fluid keys and warm guitar tones with Anya’s angelic vocals.” (Glide Magazine)

Known for her ability to transcribe wonders of the natural world through lush soundscapes of soulful experimental folk, rugged desert rock and unique instrumental accompaniments, Adelaide’s Anya Anastasia is unveiling her profound debut EP ‘Dissenter’ on April 1.

Debuting at the start of 2022 during a time of great unrest in the world, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anya Anastasia aims to stir dissent and environmental action through her distinctive style of art-rock that inspires selfless reflection and positive change.

Now, Anya Anastasia is showcasing the culmination of her work so far, delivering a 5-track collection of conscientious sonic stories that question the status quo through intricate arrangements, vivid instrumentals and transfixing vocals, invoking intense sentiments about life, land and love.

Opening the EP is ‘Losing Wild’, driven by an invigorating beat, the deadly pluck of banjo strings and soaring vocal harmonies to explore the idea that the extinction crisis heralds the end of good poetry and diminishment of playful minds.

Next, ‘Smog & Mirrors’ enters as an enchanting mockery of consumerism with overdriven electric guitar melodies, crystal vocals and frenzied instrumental layers, inspired by a dream about being trapped and resigning to a pre-determined fate.

Arriving in a swirl of tender guitar strokes and fluid keys is ‘Spinning Heads’, as Anya’s ethereal vocal harmonies soar above soothing melodies that aim to observe stillness as the restless chorus brings illusions of the chaotic modern world.

Lead by the booming beat of marching drums, title-track ‘Dissenter’ forges ahead in the name of equality and a better future as ominous vocals and powerful instrumental warnings bring attention to the failings of Western Democracy.

Closing the EP is the eerily captivating ‘Goes Untold’, as stripped-back, guitar-lead melodies join the raw strength of Anya’s beautiful voice, paying tribute to the importance of relationship to land and country, which is so often highlighted in the culture and awareness of First Nations people.

Previously released singles ‘Losing Wild’ and ‘Spinning Heads’ have seen support from Double J, Backseat Mafia, Scenestr, GC Live, AAA Backstage, Amnplify, Glide Magazine and more.

Anya Anastasia’s debut EP ‘Dissenter’ is out on April 1, with her EP Launch scheduled for Saturday April 2 at Nexus Arts, Adelaide.

‘Dissenter’ EP Launch
Saturday April 2 – Nexus Arts, Adelaide | Tickets

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