The Sky Is The Limit For GENIIE BOY As They Release New Single & Music Video ‘Elevator To The Sky’

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Previous Support For GENIIE BOY

‘Bruises’ landed on ‘Fuzzy’ Spotify Playlist

“vibrant pop with soulfully charged grooves reminiscent of dulcie.
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Bad Company’]

“Is it a pop song? Is it a rock song? Is it even a song? Maybe it’s more of an affirmation! Point is, I don’t what they’re doing or how they’re doing but I know that it’s good and I want more of it.” 
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) [About ‘Bruises’]

The layers in this track! Taking me for a sweet old ride! Groovy track with feel good energy!”
4 / 5 (Tom Forrest, Triple J) [About ‘Bruises’]

“Between Alisha’s charismatic voice and the smart production, there’s plenty to love” 
4 / 5 (Abby Butler, Triple J) [About ‘Fool’s Play’]

“Their cruisy, laid-back indie-pop vibes given a signature lift via Alisha’s lilting, layered vocals and Scott’s razor sharp production. For two artists who’ve never spent a lot of time around pop, they’re sure as heck nailing it.”
(Natalie O’Driscoll, Blank Mag)

“‘Bad Company’ is an ice-cream sundae with the lot.” (AU Review)

“Sure to be stuck in your head from the first listen, Geniie Boy’s indie-pop sound is your perfect summer companion, with multi-instrumental hooks, danceable drum beats, soaring harmonies and Alisha’s conversational lyrics keeping you company…” (Amnplify)

Known for their quirky brand of electro / indie-pop that shimmers with the sonic vibrancy of infinite crystal stars, beloved Gold Coast duo GENIIE BOY are unveiling their newest single ‘Elevator To The Sky’ alongside a zany, space-powered music video accompaniment (out April 1).

Since gliding onto the scene at the start of last year in a swirl of electro-pop grooves and sumptuous sonic tales, Alisha Todd and Scott French of GENIIE BOY released a handful of widely-received singles and their debut EP ‘If You Have Something To Say’.

Now, with their first release of the year, GENIIE BOY are unveiling a cosmic flower bed of sound as fuzzy synths and buoyant electric guitar grooves combine to create decadent pop atmospheres. Todd’s silken vocals make their jubilant climb to the sky where they meet the chorus, floating in a limitless expanse that vibrates with the distinctive otherworldly sound of the theremin.

With one foot on the earth and the other lost in space, the track’s grounding bass and unclouded percussion tether Todd’s transcendent vocal harmonies as they continue to rise alongside French’s crunchy guitar riffs, all brought into focus with interstellar production that glistens with the undeniable sheen of GENIIE BOY magic.

Inspired by a podcast discussing the idea of an elevator to the sky that would act as a conduit for interstellar travel as a way forward for human evolution, ‘Elevator To The Sky’ completely embraces the weird and the wonderful, brought further into being with an appropriately wacky music video accompaniment.

Paying homage to 60’s sci-fi television sets, the video shows GENIIE BOY being beamed up to a party in the sky, glimmering with Futuristic Space People (FSP’s), psychedelic drinks, laser light shows and a space band, completely encapsulating the pair’s creative vision through DIY sets and costumes, as the band states:

“Like all GENIIE BOY things, this video is very DIY. We made the Futuristic Space People costumes (lots of paper mache, putty and trips to Spotlight), directed, filmed part of and edited the clip. We advocate DIY!”

The duo’s previous releases have seen support from Spotify (‘Bruises’ landed on ‘Fuzzy’ playlist), Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, AU Review, AAA Backstage, BLANK GC, Scenestr, Aus Music Scene, Amnplify, The Music and more.

Enter the atmosphere with GENIIE BOY’s new single ‘Elevator To The Sky’ and music video accompaniment, both out on April 1.


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