Dusty Release Carefree Indie-Rock Single ‘Anxiety’

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Previous Support For Dusty

“Dusty are in a confident mood on this one, showing some angst and real talk levels that you hear from acts like Moaning Lisa!” 4 / 5 
[About ‘Do You Care?’] (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“Another strong one from this band. Lowkey ferocity to the vocals and it feels full of conviction.” 4 / 5 
[About ‘Do You Care?’] (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“The track is full of conviction and punch, powerfully honest and raw in its delivery…” [About ‘Do You Care?’]  (Ungrained)

Glowing with an indie-rock flavour that combines bright, cloudless melodies with an endearingly fun-loving spirit, Brisbane band Dusty are releasing their newest single ‘Anxiety’ on March 31.

Since their debut at the start of 2021, Dusty have already made a huge impact, releasing well-received singles ‘Easier’ and ‘Do You Care?’ before joining BUGS on their Diamond Tour to round out the year in bangin’ indie-rock style.

Dusty are now bringing that same irresistible enthusiasm to their newest single ‘Anxiety’, which arrives with the purpose of lifting spirits and moving feet, using tropical guitar-lead melodies and persuasive percussion. Frontwoman Annie Newcombe’s vocals move playfully from pure and delicate to edgy and unrestrained, hitting its peak in the chorus by pouring as much self-deprecating Aussie humour as possible into two repeated, and all-too-relatable, words.

Loaded with raucous overdriven guitar riffs, riveting vocal harmonies and addictive good humour, ‘Anxiety’ is made to be enjoyed with a rowdy, carefree energy that happily contradicts the title of the song.

With its joyous delivery and important message, ‘Anxiety’ quickly became an audience and band favourite, providing a relatable message within an approachable, unintimidating track. Annie Newcombe states:

“It’s my favourite song in the set, I like how many people tell me that they can relate to it. For me, it’s important that we talk about mental health, and I think having a song about anxiety really opens up the conversation.”

Dusty’s previous releases have seen support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, 4ZZZ, LivewireAU, Ungrained Mag and more.

Take a deep breath and dust off those dancing shoes because Dusty’s newest single ‘Anxiety’ is out on March 31.

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