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When Aussie producer Wasteland (Matt Riley) signed his first music publishing deal, he was told not to bother moving from Perth to Sydney as it wouldn’t be financially viable.  3 years and 60 million streams later, Wasteland has conquered Sydney and now has his eyes set on LA. 


Wasteland has been writing across genres with a speciality in hard-hitting pop and all forms of electronic and dance.  Co-writes include iconic Armin Van Buuren and Timmy Trumpet along with dozens of local and international acts.  Also releasing his own music Wasteland has had various nominations and won awards including Pop Song of the Year at the Western Australia Music Awards for his own release Grid.


Wasteland has worked heavily in his production duo Cressbrook and have built a reputation of being effective and inclusive collaborators.  Their work spans the LGBTQI+ space with producing and DJing sets for Bicon artist PENELOPE and Jack Vidgen.  Wasteland is now delving into LA labels and artists saying:

I am so excited to be working a lot with US based dance labels, such as Dim Mak and Ultra.  I am also working with some A level top liners over there such as Jex, Morgan Keller, Riel, and then diving into the world of Pop and working with developing artists.  LA is somewhere I really connect with and is whee I see my future”


2023 is an interesting time for the music industry as it is evolving faster that most can keep up.  Wasteland credits having his finger on the pulse, staying culturally relevant and knowing what the industry and A&R are looking for sonically. With regular trips to the US and Europe to attend conferences and networking opportunities, Wasteland blends a business approach with his creative skill, not banking on luck but creating the moments for himself.

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