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Melbourne Alt-Folk Artist Timothy Wolf Unveils New Single ‘I’ll Be There’ from Highly Anticipated LP ‘Winter Song i’

Melbourne, July 12, 2023 – Award-winning alt-folk artist Timothy Wolf returns to the music scene with his most intimate single to date. Titled ‘I’ll Be There,’ the track saw Wolf take home first prize in the ‘Listen Up’ National Songwriting Competition 2022. With its thought-provoking lyrics and emotionally charged melodies, ‘I’ll Be There’ invites listeners to overcome their inner demons amidst life’s tempestuous storms.

Penned during the tumultuous year of 2021, when Melbourne endured extensive lockdown measures, this introspective alt-folk-country ballad serves as a remarkable introduction to Wolf’s highly awaited second studio album.

For years, Wolf has carefully held onto these songs, contemplating whether they belong solely to his personal catharsis or have a place in the wider world. However, as he embarked on a collaborative journey with his band ‘The Blue Roses,’ Wolf discovered a transformative power within these compositions that demanded to be shared.

Reflecting on the significance of these songs, Wolf reveals, “They encapsulate a period in my life that I don’t often revisit fondly, but they serve as a powerful yardstick for measuring the progress we have all made.”

Embodied by haunting strings, captivating percussion, and ethereal pedal steel, ‘I’ll Be There’ takes listeners on an emotional odyssey through relationships affected by the isolating impact of lockdowns.

Wolf further adds, “If these songs can assist anyone in processing pain or finding solace during these challenging times, I believe it is worth sharing them with the world.”

‘I’ll Be There’ is slated for official release on July 14, 2023, marking an eagerly awaited milestone in Timothy Wolf’s musical journey. Listeners can look forward to experiencing a harmonious blend of compelling storytelling and heartfelt melodies in this remarkable single.

The release follows Timothy Wolf’s critically acclaimed debut album recorded in Byron Bay with Dan Frizza (Tones and I, Mitre Boy) yielding the breakthrough track ‘In Your Arms Again’ and a sold-out show at Melbourne’s Nightcat. 


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